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19. Humans are made of both the good and the bad. Don’t concentrate on the bad habits of others. Always magnify the goodness that is in the other. If you need to, dwell only on your own shortcomings. A fly sits on dirt, but a bumble bee always sits on a fragrant flower. Gossiping is a great deterrent to spiritual life.

20. Don’t stop, keep progressing on the path. Don’t get mesmerized and drawn in by visions that you may have during meditation. Those things are normal. But if you get distracted by that you will lose your goal. Remember the ultimate goal is to get the vision of God.

21. We don’t pray from the heart, we pray from the mind. That’s why our prayer’s are not answered. Pray from the heart and it will be heard. When you do japa and you still don’t get results. Scrutinize your own self. You will see there is flaw somewhere. Much like a utensil that has a small hole and the water keeps leaking out. If one is caught up in worldliness it takes time for the effect of japa to show. But don’t give up, if you practice japa properly slowly you will start getting drawn to the Lord. And you will start feeling for him.

22. We don’t really want freedom. We just say it. If God was to come down and offer you freedom most would refuse and say but what will happen to my family. Give me freedom after I die.

23.Whatever you ask God you will get. If you ask for freedom you will get that. If you ask for worldly success you will get that. But you need to work hard. It’s difficult to find God, at the same time it is easy. The flow of the mind needs to be altered that’s all. But to seek God, is finally the grace of the Mother.

24. Just like a child is dependent on the his/her mother, even in spiritual life one must be dependent on the Mother. Just like a child cries when he is hungry in spiritual life too, you must want to. Cry so the mother hears you. And she will leave everything and come to you. You need to have devotion. You must only want her, don’t get distracted by other things. All material things seem naught in front of the Mother.

25. A sadguru always gives a siddha mantra. A mantra that has been used by rishis and yogi’s from that parampara/ lineage of the Guru. It’s not like they just invent something and give it. You should never disrespect your mantra or lose faith in it. If even after many years of chanting your mantra if you find you have not progressed, remember the flaw lies in you and not the mantra.

26. The mantra is energy itself, and a form of the chosen ideal it represents.

27. Once you practice dhyana, that dhyana is like an intoxication. It lingers on even after. And you can derive a lot of joy from it. That’s why when you practice dhyana, don’t be in a hurry to get up and leave. Keep sitting for a few minutes even after and do not let your mind linger on material things. Learn to stay in that state and intoxication for as long as possible.

28. “What about householder’s do they have any hope on the spiritual path”?

Of course, is God only for the sannyasis. Everybody is his child. Even we have our sansar. (Refering to the the establishment of the Math, it is like any hosuehold) We have to think of all of you, the sadhus in the math as well. I listen to all the troubles of the people who come here. But there is difference. Be a part of the world but don’t let the world be a part of you. You must have renunciation within. As long as you hold on to me and mine in your mind you will be caught in the world.

29. God himself manifests through the Guru.  Don’t think of your Guru as an ordinary person. Respect him and love him and you will automatically progress on the path. It is God’s power that shines through the Guru. When a Guru gives a disciple a mantra, he gives the disciple the power of his own sadhana. You cannot understand it by logic. If you try to do that, it’s as good as trying to equate a diamond with a brinjal. These are things that cannot be fathomed by the mind. It is beyond it. It is mystical, you cannot understand it. Believe in your guru and hold on to your mantra and slowly veil after veil will be removed from your heart.

30. A lot of devotees often tell the Guru, we are not able to progress. We have been doing japa for a long while. The mind is still restless. We have tried, now the burden is on you. That is nothing but laziness. That is not self surrender. Nobody wants to take responsibility.

31. Youth is a good time to pursue God. If you are able to do that, then even in old age, when the body gets weak or sick, you will still have a clam mind. If you cannot shape yourself in your youth then you won’t be able to do it when you are older. It is wrong when people say, let’s leave spirituality for when we are older.

32. The mantra/ name is the same as God. The more you understand it you will start feeling the presence of God.

33. You see /find God only by his grace alone. But that doesn’t mean you will not do what you need to do. You cannot sit waiting for God’s grace. You still need to do sadhana. Practice dhyana and do your japa.

34. An ordinary person is always talking. If he cannot find someone to talk to his mind will chatter. So instead of allowing the mind to chatter, why not take the Lord’s name!

35. You will begin to live when you actually die.( ego) That is when your new/actual life will begin.