This is the final post from the series. I have put pretty much all the main points within these three posts.

The first two can be found here

34. After taking initiation it is often seen, everyone enjoys doing japa. But after a period of time the same enthusiasm and joy starts receding. There is nothing to be disappointed in that. Life is like a wave. Ups and downs. Nothing to be scared of either. It’s like high tide and low tide. Parting and meeting. But in someone in whom the deep desire to see God has arisen these emotions will increase their thirst for God. They will cry and seek him. And then again by the grace of God he will find renewed energy in doing japa.

35. Many people think once they have a Guru the Guru takes on all their bad karma. It isn’t that simple to pass on bad karma to God or your Guru. If you give up all your bad karma to your Guru you should be willing to give your good karma to your Guru as well. You cannot pass on only your hardship to them and expect to keep the good stuff for yourself.

36. If a disciple is sincere they are bound to receive the grace and the benefits of their Guru’s sadhana.

37. Always remember the true goal of human life is to find God.

38. Dhyana can be done anywhere as long as you know how to do it. Make sure you are in a dark room. Sufficient ventilation and loose clothing.

39. Those who do a lot of dhyana and japa start acquiring a new subtle body.

40. Anyone who calls upon God with simplicity and innocence and wants nothing else will find him.

41. Till the mind is not purified lust lurks around. Sri Sarada Ma had once told a disciple , Don’t trust a man, even if he is your father, your brother why even if God comes to you in the form of a man, don’t trust him. The meaning behind her words are this, lust exists until the mind has not been purified with sadhana . Till then one must learn to be aware of the mind.

42. For a sadhak there is nothing more dangerous than lust.

43. Remember the way the mother keeps you that is the best way. Whether you understand it or not. Happiness, sorrow anything is all her gentle touch.

44. Everyone had to reap the fruits of their karma. Until desires end, liberation is not found. But if you take refuge in an avatar or great rishis, because of their grace your karma of seven lifetimes can be burnt out in one lifetime.

45. The more sadhana you do you will realize that God’s grace is on you. And you will see how he is guiding you and providing you the help on the path.