Spiritual kicks of all types work wonder and addiction of ‘Bhagwad Gita’ is the strongest of all.

It lands you direct into the arena of  detachment. As long as the effect remains, you continue to enjoy the ecstacy, the bliss, the joy of feeling unattached and detached. 😊

Once upon a time, I was  one such addict. Around 26 years ago, a young 28-29 years old, emotional, working girl…. no… no……working mother,  fell into the trap of spiritual addiction. 

With an emotional, call it possessive, heart that I had, a deep instinct to always cling and stick to my life partner had made me an emotional fool, totally dependent, like that creeper  clinging to the big tree.  My each breath, each  moment of 24 hours, was more or less dipped with that beautiful emotion. Each day, every day, life rolled around the same feeling, wrapped with emotional delicacy called  love.

Alas!….the big tree that he was, having branches spread far and wide into a very vast social,  friends circle.  And yet  roots firmly held into his profession as a doctor.   Me the creeper, the parasite, was perhaps a shackle wrapped  around his neck/stem. At least I had started to feel that way given his over indulgence in leisurely activities like……, you all can make a guess 😊😊😊. There was neither work-life balance nor friends-wife balance😄😄😄.

The requirements and temperament of a tree and a creeper are so different. Isn’t it!!!    So,……. alas!….. me, the creeper, just  started to wither, knowing not what would bring  back life to her and how.

Her instincts, proclivities,  started to push her towards spiritual bottles  of wine, whisky, rum, takila, scotch. As expected, all of them tasted so well – be it the wine of Radha Swami satsang, whisky of Asaram bapu satsang, rum of Ram Sharnam satsang, scotch of Dada Bhagwan’s vachan satsang, takila of Cable Tv discources / (kathas), upgraded to Youtube videos. The one which best suited and lasted longer was the blissful addiction provided by Sadhak Sanjivani – Bhagwad Gita by Swami Ramsukhdev ji,  Gita press, Gorakhpur .  Reading it in the deep me-moments that I used to selfishly snatch from the hectic working life, kept me going. The Nasha, the kick, I used to get was strong enough to induce in me the will to keep on doing my duties. But the second half of the learning – of doing duties without expectations of result – was a euphoria. I kept feeling that I was becoming detached , I was above expectations and had learnt all the big big wisdom imparted in Bhagwad Gita. In reality it wasn’t so perhaps.  At the most it was an addiction that provides temporary relief. 😊   Those feelings were no way near to the complete learnings, today I do understand. As it was later,  that the  practical life started to unveil many cloaks.  That Nasha, disguised as bliss, started to fade away. Life lessons started to dilute it.  At last, during the course of time, and very slowly, the Divine Grace of true guru descended that helped me come out of this addiction and, now, I can announce with conviction that I am sober 😄. Yes, I am sober.  I can remain blissful, happy  and at peace  even without  spending hours and hours into my favourite pass time. I no more indulge into it by selfishly snatching time which belongs to house hold duties. (And not sure if ‘am detached or not).

Addiction of any type is unhealthy. It gives kicks only.  Balance is the alternative. Balance is the key  that fits into each and every lock – of situations, challenges and difficulties.  Balance unlocks all the new dimensions in many directions.

I still read, listen, speak and  practice for which I am actually here on this earth, but soberly and with good control.

Bhagwad Gita is no more an addiction. Its now that solid anchor which keeps me afloat with healthy balance. My spiritual kicks paid well and now life is at peace.

Jai Shri Hari 🌹ॐ swami 🌹

P. S.  – Best part of story is that The Tree  has now become creeper and creeper The tree😄😄😄😄

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