Assume for a while that Mother Nature is mirror of our own physiology on a very large scale. Without mapping all aspect of human physiology to nature, we can appreciate it survives on the five elements – Air, Earth, Space, Sun and Water. These are the same five elements that Mother Nature provides to us for our survival.

Our body comprises of trillions of cells, each with a specific function. Let us assume that Mother Nature has living beings as cells for her to function, just like our cells. Each cell has a role to play for both – our body and Mother Nature, and a very fine balance is required for being alive. If we go further with assumptions so far, it is not far-fetched to also assume that we, as humans, are a particular type of cells in the physiology of Mother Nature.

Let us carry our imagination a little further. When we fall sick, typically it is due to certain cells becoming dysfunctional, accumulation of anything that blocks the natural flow or, blockage of energy flows within our body. At times, targeted inoculations are administered to neutralize these causes. If some living beings, aka cells of Mother Nature attack her very existence, she has her own defenses. We may call it a Natural Disaster from our perspective but in the larger picture, she is acting in her interest and perhaps, for long-term benefits of all living beings. If her capabilities are compromised, a lot is at stake other than just human beings.

To continue this imaginative journey is to run a risk where you may call me by names! What if a current virus is just an inoculation to fix the bad cells of Mother Nature? Just like an antibiotic dose affects the good cells too, the virus is acting in similar manner; however, it is imperative for her to go for higher dosage to prevent further damage to herself. There are limited studies to suggest that the virus has not attacked living beings other than “Human” cells. Is there a message from Mother Nature?

You may suspect my thinking but the analogy described above has an upside. The Five element Academy is teaching us here.

Do not block natural flow: How many of our diseases are caused by accumulation of undesirable material resulting in blockages? Cholesterol in arteries and stones in kidney are two examples known to me as a non-expert. Will Mother Nature not suffer if natural flow of air, water, or sun-shine is blocked? We have made huge blocks of processed materials and concentrated them in one place causing disruption to natural landscape (physiology of Mother Nature) without paying attention to effects that these will cause! What happens during heavy rainfall in certain places – flooding. We tend to blame Mother Nature but have we thought about the blockages we have created to her natural flow? Will it not cause her pain when we dump anything and everything in her veins, we call rivers?

Do not feed unnatural material: What we feed to our body impacts out well-being. Are we not doing the same to earth? In fact, we are indiscriminately polluting the soil with concentrations crossing the toxic levels that she can tolerate! What is fueling this is our greed. For the sake of argument, even if it is being done to feed the World, did we think about the long-term effects? The cycle at which Mother Nature works is many times more than our life expectancy. What is even more humbling is that the structures made with natural materials provided by Mother Nature far outlive the ones made with man-made materials! Are we paying attention?

Do not overload to extent that the rejuvenation cycle gets disrupted: Are we ready to permit anyone to damage parts of our organs? Very obvious response; however, we are doing the same to Mother Nature. Cutting parts of her Lungs by clearing the trees and to make matters worse, dumping toxins through polluting machineries. We want to go fast in very aspect except the speed at which we age! Mother Nature works on time-scale that we cannot even imagine. She knows how to take care of every living cell (beings) and will do everything to protect the life, just as we do.

Do not put a monetary value: This is perhaps the most embarrassing of our actions towards Mother Nature. I always wondered who was first person to put a price on land? It was a very disgraceful act. Cost of land today goes up for one and only one reason – demand and supply. Mind you, there is no Economic Value Add (EVA) in the transaction. If I happen to hold a land in so called prime area (defined by us), I can sit on it and let it appreciate without adding anything in terms of economic activity (employment, utilization, and so on). Ego and greed are the primary motivation besides perhaps, convenience in some instances, to fetch a higher price. How many farm lands (engines of economic activities) have been devoured by residential and commercial developments? And if this was not enough, water is drawn from the land for construction and the table is made unamenable to recharge forever! We have already monetized land, water, and air. How will we feel if we provided something free of cost to support life and someone decided to make profit out of the process of dispensing unconditional kindness at absolutely no cost and without discriminations!

Do not disengage, live in harmony: To what extent is the progress made in all spheres of our life due to engaging with each other? We, as also most of other living beings are social animals and Mother Nature serves as life line for us all. Disengagement here implies not recognizing our interdependence. If every cell in our body has a role to play, every living being of Mother Nature has a role to play, including the current virus. Living in harmony is to recognize that every living entity has a right to live; if it is only us who have this privilege, it amounts to arrogance and selfishness.

There are many more lessons to learn. However, the idea here is to share an alternate perspective of current times on this planet. Many questions have been asked here and I am still exploring to find answers, including an answer to: Is it Spiritual Reality or Science Fiction?

Finally, my post may have antagonized some readers. If it has, please treat this post as Science Fiction. Nevertheless, I seek your forgiveness for the same. My intention is obviously not to hurt anyone. As an act for seeking forgiveness, here is a musical track titled Cymatics that may rejuvenate you as it demonstrates the power of sound. A line from the track: “Everything owes its existence solely and completely to sound” reinforces that we may also heal Mother Nature with right frequencies through precise Science of Mantras.

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