The very thought of religion gives us an impression about different streams of faith and belief systems. I do not know total number of religions presently exist in the world however I have been told since childhood mainly about Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism. Other religions like buddhism and jainism were told to be originated from Hinduism, so they were considered to be part of Hinduism only. When I grew up I came to know about many more ‘Isms’. However, on the one hand I was taught about good things of all the religions and told that there is only one god and there are different ways to reach to the god. However, I was also constantly reminded about the conflicting nature of different religions. The conditioning was such that I got confused about the idea of religion and thought why there is conflict when there is only one god who is omnipresent. Later on, I managed to teach myself on the lines of inter-faith beliefs. But still could not understand the double standards of generations who have gave us the idea of religion. Actually, it was always confusing with our previous generations. They told one thing but did another thing. Means, they said always speak truth but speaking lies was made a matter of convenience. All religions are same and talk about same god, but still the religion was made as a matter of false ego and differences and conflicts are always highlighted. 90% people around me always secretly have some or the other kind of conflicting views about different religions. Actually, most of the people do not walk their talk. That is the whole problem. Religion became an ego issue for almost everyone. Hindus have some views about Muslims without even knowing basics of Islam and Muslims have some enmity against Hindus without even knowing traits of Hinduism. Expressing opinion has just become a fashion. I think we are not able to raise above the religious differences. So, stuck in the middle of this conflict and enmity of different religions. I was introduced somehow, I don’t remember when and how, to the science of spirituality.

Now this is about the true nature of a human being. It does not deal with any religion, their similarity or differences. It opens new dimensions and provides opportunity to raise above the false religious egos. Spirituality is not about some god or hell or heaven. It is about realizing your own truth. There is no opinion, no lecture, no ritual, no karma, no kand. It just about raising yourself above all differences. It is about realizing highest possible human potential. In fact, spirituality was and is present in all the religions of the world. But it seems that they have forgotten it. That is why there was need of a Buddha or Mahavir or Nanak or Kabir. They are not people who preached any religion. But people who followed them, made their teachings a separate religion. A true saying that Buddha should not be judged by looking at Buddhists.

This is applicable on every religion. Just because followers are not good and have false ego about their religion, does not mean religions are bad. One of my Muslim friend once said that Islam is the best religion with worst followers. Agreed. Religion itself cannot prove whether it is good or bad. It depends upon its followers how they perceive it and how they propagate it. At present, there is no scope of putting differences at cold storage. So till then, tata bye to religion and hello-hi to spirituality.

The views are personal.

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