Isn’t it fun seeing that red sign with the four-letter word? SALE!

There is something magical in that word. It offers the feeling of conquering the world when you buy the item for 50% off or sometimes 75% off the retail price.

Buy one get one free, buy one get one 50% off! Everything is on sale! Thanksgiving sale, Labor Day sale, President Day sale, Pre-Christmas, after Christmas sale. New year sale, summer sale, Winter sale, back-to-school sale… I can fill the entire page with all the advertisements we see for sale. But I think you all got the point. It is all about the deal.

We all are familiar with that feeling of getting something less than what it is worth. Yes, it’s exciting to go window shopping and find something on sale. We enjoy that fantastic feeling of saving $3 when we buy that item, not thinking we never needed one. The feeling of winning or saving is priceless, or maybe it is “$3 less”; regardless of how much less, it does give a sense of joy. Oops! So many “less” in one sentence.

Well, what are we searching for?

Are we looking for something worth investing/buying in but with less price than it should be? Does that make that object/thing worth investing in? Do you believe that the unnecessary purchase of a designer item, such as a handbag or a pair of shoes, is not an expense but an investment?

Most of the time, you are aware or assume that the thing you want to acquire is not what is listed at the fair market rate; the value should be less than its worth. But then, do you need it? Some overvalued but less worth items in your life? It could be worldly or spiritual.

You ask yourself: Are you looking for that item because your friend/neighbor has it and you don’t? Are you acquiring it so it will match your social life? Is it giving you the feeling of “worth” in your society? If you make a list of wants, do these items most likely fall in the section of showing your worth in your social circle, or is it under the section of being a better, kinder person?

Either one should be ok as long as you are happy and enjoying it. No one should judge you on your needs and wants, as long as you are responsible for your deeds and actions.

So, what’s up with this madness of SALE?

What is that we are looking for? Or are marketing media people conditioning our minds to think that we are looking for something worth buying because now it is lower in price but higher in value?

I am not focusing on materialistic items here. I think enough people have researched it, written many papers, and received a Ph.D. on this subject.
I am more concerned about the Spirituality world.

Demand for quick and discounted but profound and divine results!
There are so many people offering quick fixes to your spirituality. Gain wisdom, be awakened, and experience God in 3 sessions. Recharge your chakra energy in two weeks. Just One Week of Mindfulness Meditation Can Help Ease Stress, Finding Zen with seven days of guided meditation, How to Find God: 13 Steps, and so on…..

Are you ignorant and gullible?

Well, all the spiritual seminars of 500 people in each city with big names attached are sold out a year in advance! These claimed awakened ones go city after city or tour many countries offering wisdom for nearly $100 per person. You rush to attend a few seminars, purchase 3–4 books, put some crystals on your body, or meditate by laying down for 10 mins as suggested, and voilà! You are awakened, my friend. Easy and cheap! Well, so they say.

We lack the common sense to check the validity of the claims; all we know is that if Oprah has approved it, or if this person has a million plus followers and popping up on every search, this is an enlightened being. Countless sentients are asking for a quick and very effective mantra to chant for extra fast results. Or carry the crystals in the pocket or wear them to align the chakras.

Why do we forget to ask questions?

Are these people truly awakened and enlightened like Buddha? Have they seen the Divine?
We do notice that their teaching matches our knowledge of awakening. How conveniently we forget that Truth is not what it should be but what it is. I guess we are ignorant and gullible. Or maybe we are just desperate to get a quick fix!

What is a rush to get a quick fix?

Yes, believe it or not! We are conditioned to look for a sale! We are hunting for that less work, minimum time, and fewer efforts for spirituality, but on a condition to gain the awakening, that divine enlightenment! Well, we think we will get all that good stuff, as promised in the spiritual market. If you pay for something, you should demand the results; that is our human way.

Time and efforts

A child goes from elementary to high school, then to college for four years, maybe a master’s for another two years. Totaling more than 19 years of study to earn a decent salary to have a prestigious or honorable life per humans understanding.

If one invents time and effort to get a secure future for a decent salary, why do we look for a quick solution to advance our spiritual life so quickly and cheaply? What is this craze of sales mentality for spirituality? Are spirituality, awakening, and enlightenment so cheap? Or do we don’t understand the value?

Here is what we need to ask ourselves

How much time am I investing in my purpose?
Am I investing only time, or am I also offering my heart and soul?
Am I being utterly truthful to myself?
How much time do I require to reach the ultimate source?
What am I offering to others while on this journey?
What more can I do? What else may I need to do?

Now the big question remains…

Are you looking for a sale tag on time and efforts in spirituality?

Do you think that spirituality is not worth extra time from your precious life and that you should get it cheaper, with less time, with less or no effort?

As we all know, time is priceless, but here we still hackle for the sale of time and try to get the awakening and the religious experience quickly and cheaply. We are ready to pay hundreds of dollars, drive cross country to attend the seminars, and fly to India to get the Divine experience on one condition, “we demand quick results.” We conveniently believe and firmly convince ourselves that spirituality is cheaper than its value.

Time to wake up!

Spirituality is not for sale.
Nothing on sale is worth its value.
Don’t run with the mass; you won’t find your truth in a crowd.
Don’t aim for the quick fix; it won’t work.
Invest your time and effort in doing something worthwhile.
Reaping someone else’s wisdom won’t make you enlightened or awakened.
Find your truth within.

Let’s spread love, peace, and respect.