The word spirituality is somewhat a part of a routine along with a strong belief. Self sufficiency is more often a practice that somewhere is the by product we get with spirituality. And lastly awareness is the final result that possess happiness and peace 💙. So, a small case study that I want to put forward which is indeed hypothetical but yet serve my purpose of presenting. Let’s take a small kid who is around just 8 or 10 and ask him to follow some spirituality lessons along with its ongoing school studies where he studies all the modern science, and related stuffs. It is for sure his knowledge might repel for such opposite wisdoms going in him. And somewhere logically it is correct, spirituality and modern science fail share the same boat thereby making one stay in and making one leave. 

Another case, take an old fellow. Who is indeed a well educated from some prestigious institutions. Has served potential contributions in the modern science and is almost retired, and is around of age 65-70. Although this old fellow has made too much from his potency to world of science but yet I guarantee that spends a good in spirituality. By no means I would agree on the fact if he is an atheist or even an agonist.

My reason for such is simple. By that age, many things become lucid, and cannot be answered on the academics basis. The early we step into spirituality, the early things become understanding to us. 

Spirituality, as mentioned erstwhile, is no less than a routine. And by a routine, I directly refer purpose. So far I have written 4 main posts, and all of them are directly related to purposes we atleast must have in a day. A very delighted post is written by Swamijii titled ‘An Insignificant problem’ where they have only elaborate one main problem that is becomes insignificant when we have purposes. 

Spirituality takes a vacant section over the mind just like any other thought. But spirituality is something where people go purposefully. When we purposely step onto something, we don’t let in random thoughts that might become hindrances in the near future. A very general instance, take your parents for an epitome. They surely have way too bigger issues than a youngsters and day to day headaches to deal. Yet they just manage to meet them without too much difficulties. This generation is way too much troubled even when we don’t have countable issue to deal with, to mention- insecurities, complexities ec cetera. We just most times become low key and feel incomplete. The only difference that I found is the matter of spirituality. Our parents somewhere have a spiritual life. And yet those kids who have a spiritual life find themselves self sufficient. Once we find ourselves self sufficient, we just  simply rise over the competitions around and baseless comparisons and take the hegemony over the fear of missing out. 

Perhaps, there are many advises been put forward that eventually may help you ameliorate your spirituality life. Meditation, postulations etc. As a kid of twenty I surely don’t have much wisdom regarding both. But simply just to start off with is by putting your at most attention onto things in hand and your entire task deliberately so your mind stays in game for full.

Even such small and negligible purposes make a big difference. Make a routine atleast 5 mins sitting in peace and directing your thought and mindfulness to the lord you actually have faith. 

And even if random thoughts just come by, there is prayer that might give you a hand to deal. The prayer of serenity. 

The prayer goes 

God, grand me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.  

Recall the entire prayer a day and go along with the meaning might clear your path for some sort. Once friend of mine said things become easier when you realize you are alone not lonely.  

And this really help me to feel sufficient within myself. Lastly when we find sufficiency, the ultimate awareness and mindfulness is achieved to some extent. 

Peace 🕉.