Like we have glucometer to measure sugar level ,sesmometer to measure earth quake vulnerability or thermometer to measure our temperature ,the other day i got a Satori( instant realisation of spirituality).Do you wear Pajaamas ,trousers or Salwars ,chureedaars or Petti coats ? All lowers which have strings? ( naara/ naala in punjabi) .or the elastic inside?? So what happens when after many washes ,ironing or after using washroom in hurry the string/ naara goes inside from one side( possible if your belly size becones like Gannu or Hannu bhaiya) or the String / naara gets knots due to its silken texture and we have to cut it short just enough to measure our waist and in laziness or myser ship dont put another string then such accidents of string refusing to come back from inside the slimmest( nefa) space where we put string are not uncommon even if we try to put our Pinky finger deep inside! Now comes the Spritualometer part….what is being Spiritual…patience? …needed in pulling out string from small opening of Pajaamas, persistence….being firm and consistent to keep trying to pull out the small string and use tools as pinky finger , tooth brush ,safety pin or Naala daalni( naaraaa pauni) ! Since child hood my mother has been my instrument in such delicate tasks and i ask my daughter to take over from her! So the other day i measured my Spiritual patience, persistence and mindfulness progress when i dint tear that much part of Pajamaas where string was stuck but took it out without getting agitated with my thumb and ring finger! Have u used this Spiritulometer?