Last week (Monday) morning I woke up to a romantic and my personal favorite – Grey sky ! Being a monsoon lover I have always been a sucker for rainy and cloudy days. 

But that day I was pretty pissed at the sight. “So the whole weekend it’s sunny and sweaty, but on Monday when I have to be glued to my laptop all day, it’s cloudy. Perfect !.” I said to diety making a sulky face.

I started my day with a 15 min walk in my balcony (thankfully it’s pretty spacy and perfect for walks) I couldn’t stop admiring how scenic everything looked. So So beautiful!! And the chilled breezes during the start of Delhi Summers was a blessing altogether.

Soon after I went inside and logged into my office and suddenly the grey sky changed into a sunny one. I was glad that wasn’t going to miss another cloudy day! “Why can’t we have this mausam when I don’t have to work and we can enjoy a walk together” I said to him again.

Tuesday, the moment I logged out of work, a perfectly sunny day Changed into a cloudy and rainy evening. It rained for a good 15 minutes and left a cool chilled environment behind. I got to spend quality time with my best friend -my deity after a long time.

The matter bugging me at the time was the money I had in my account due to the support of some amazing people. I had promised myself to use it to feed people but due to lockdown everything is more difficult than ever. Social distancing is strictly followed because as many of you would know- Delhi is making highlights now a days. But it also meant that people needed money and support now more than ever. Anyhow, i wasn’t able to make a decision.

All thanks to our Mahadev, I had my answer by the time we finished our evening walk. I am telling you, he has a solution to all your problems 😛

Joining one of the financial gaints during the starting or ending of financial year means only one thing: be ready to sacrifice your weekends for a month ! Even though I love my work and my team head as well as project manager are probably two of the sweetest people on earth but I was feeling mentally exhausted due to the work pressure.

Yesterday, I decided that I had to take a break. Without thinking much I logged out of office for an hour, went straight to the grocery store, bought some ration kits and distributed it among rikshaw drivers. These are the people who pedals around the whole area in staunch summer during covid time in search for customers who might want a ride. But as you can guess, no one steps out during lockdown. Even if they want anything they prefer to order it online. A lot of them don’t even know about the benefits govt. Is providing them so a lot of them go hungry too. (I took all the precautions and safety measured I could)

All of my stress was relieved the moment I saw the look on their faces while receiving the packet. It was worth the happiness you receive from a thousand pizzas 😛

Even after the lockdown and for the rest of my life I will keep helping people as and when I can.

Here I would like to offer my heartfelt and sincerest gratitude to my supporters may Divine provide you enough and bless you with abundance.

Rashmi Ramanathan : An awesome human as well as commendable writer. I personally love her article Agent of the divine. 

Zack om Bazarnick : Please checkout his emotional and lovely article I found him then he found me.

Rahul om:  His amazing article “Prikrama : The walk of faith,once a lifetime” took me on a wonderful ride while sitting at home. One of my favorites on Trust me, it’s a must read !

Kaivalya Bhaiya : The thoughtful, kindest and sweetest human and also, one of my favorite people on earth. I am blessed to have known you personally. Every one of his articles are sharp and precise. Doesn’t matter which one you choose to read, they all have brilliant takeaways. The forty rules of love series  is my personal favorite.

Gautam Sharma : Your comments about whole creation being a matrix intrigued me so much because that’s exactly how I feel. Even though I am a finance student My favorite subject is metaphysics. Checkout his recent post “What can you do for love” . Oh and Congratulations !😛

These names are from the best of my memory because since a few days has not been showing me the name of the supports. So I am guessing a little more names:

Prahalad Rajkumar : A prolific writer with some really unique write-ups. His 10 life lessons from Harry Potter is one of my most favorite articles on Keep the amazing articles coming !!

Biswa Nanda Bhaiya and his lovely wife Sanghamitra ji :  The sweetest and brilliant couple. They made me feel so welcomed into their lives only with their words and sweet gestures. Their blog Every Famaily has a story, welcome to ours still remains one closest to my heart. Apart from that the depression series written by Biswa Bhaiya has some eye-opening insights from a real life warrior. Also I would like to give their lil genius Sahil a warm hug and huge welcome into our family. You are so much talented and I am sure that life holds great things for you.

Even if these names were not guessed correctly, I don’t need to know :P. These shout-outs were long due. On the other hand, If I have missed your name (as there can be multiple people with the same name ) then please please drop an email and give me a chance to thank you for your incredible kindness. 🙂 

Now all said and done, I have not been active for a few days due to the hectic schdule, But I have been reading all of your posts and your comments. Your enquiries about my well was over whelming . Dearest Ankita, Thank you dear for your lovely comments on almost all of my posts, it was incredible to know that they were “binge-reading worthy” 😛 . Your Honey with Winnie series has been one of my stress busters. Hetal ji, I am doing awesome and hope that you are too. I have been catching up with all of your amazing posts. Yash, I am in awe of your spiritual progress and emotional maturity and I am so grateful that I was given  a chance of being a part of it. Your spiritual quest series is beyond amazing. Ashu ji thank you for your kind words as well as lovely posts.

And last but not the least our Editor-in-cheif Medha ji, Cannot thank you enough for your brilliant sum ups and shout-outs. You always do shout-outs for us when you are the most worthy of one. So here is one for all the efforts you put into this website 🙂 

Stay safe and be happy everyone, Har Har Mahadev.