Let not the roadblocks define my journey,

but the beauty that I see on this life path,

and the possibilities I visualize.

Let the hurdles, only fuel my quest,

And propel me further.


I am here to grieve not,

but to learn the lessons

and keep going.


The world and its ways,

and the various role plays.

The commotion endless,

and the demand to tune,

to that randomness.

Where is it all going, after all?


Seize Freedom,

calls earnestly the soul, which is I.

Let not fear grip you,

what is yours to lose, anyway? 


Through this noise,

tune in to the

sweet music of ‘being’, 

to the great symphony, 

where everything fall synchronized. 


Beyond the small identities and 

this randomness,

is a higher existence,

a flawless Order.

Reconnect to there,

where you already belong,

from where you have fallen apart.


While I started to write, the above lines just shaped themselves up, randomly capturing thoughts passing by the mind, like a note to myself. Of course, they are related to what I originally wished to share here.


The other day [@early this month itself], I was feeling particularly helpless and stuck. So, I simply chose to walk out of the external chaos, against the reluctance of a conditioned mind which can justify anything to remain in the comfort zone. I just meant it, so the mind did shut up. I meant to reconnect to myself and organize my mind. I meant to find inspiration, within and without, putting an end to a certain numb feeling.


It is difficult to make any sense of one’s existence without the taste of that essential element, called Freedom. The sense of absence of it can be the most paralyzing feeling, like the end of all possibilities, end of the game. Such was the state of my mind then. Plainly, I needed a revival, of my spirit, intact.


After all, who does not face challenges in life or have unpleasant experiences with others? We are all in it together, experiencing, learning or not learning, taking our own time, carving out our own paths, back to the same source. Somehow, when I come to know about the hardships some people have endured in their lives, my own challenges seem nothing. My pain diminishes, my gratitude deepens.🙏🌼 Then, I do not feel the need to elaborate on those experiences, giving them energy. Anyhow, everything is meant to pass.


I would rather give more energy to the beauty of the path I see and the possibilities that I visualize and what I can bring into my actions to help manifest that, from wherever I stand, now, does not matter.   


I packed my daypack with a change of clothes, wallet, mobile phone, some water and set out. Where and for how long?


Well, I went to Puri which is just about 60 kms away from where I am currently located. It is a beach town and the land of Lord Jagannath, meaning the Lord of the Universe. It was all for little more than 24 earth hours, yet an eternity spent with the self. 


My first realization – Freedom is indeed a state of mind, but the environment does matter, which can hold that space and time for you, to just be.  


Actually, the idea was to share with you about this beautiful day out, the way I lived it. How everything conspired to meet my purpose of the day. It does happen, when we allow it, when we let go yet are aware, when we let faith take over fear. All fears sprout from the conditioned mind, a free mind knows no fear. The Universe speaks to us through the wind, the water, the sky and in myriad ways , if only we are listening.


Well, however, this post turned out to be quite different.😊  I will write more, some other time, may be. Nevertheless, sharing few pictures here, from my day out.




After I came back, while I was journaling my experience of reconnecting to the freedom of my being, a Mindful Nudge notification (@ Black Lotus App) popped up on the phone screen.  

“Nothing is more beautiful than freedom. No matter who you are, man or a woman, dog or a bird, we all want security, love and the rest, but above all, it is freedom that we seek.” 

What does freedom mean to you? 


I smiled. Wow! So, the Universe is still watching over and speaking to me. Or am I still listening? Not bad.


And I kept filling page after page, in my journal, answering the Question – ‘What does Freedom mean to you?’, synced with the experience of the day.


The past is gone.

Let Today be the beginning of a new journey,

the first day of the rest of your life.


In Gratitude,

Dipali 😊🌈

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