I wrote a lot about Haridwar in my travel series. So, i thought that i should also share with my os.me family, my favourite place in my home city. I was thinking about it and the first place whose thought came in my mind was Sri Govind Godham.

Sri Govind Godham is a temple dedicated to Krishan Ji and Radha Ji. It is situated on Gaushala Road and is built beautifully. It also have big gaushalas and only unclaimed cows who can’t give milk are given ashraya here.

Me and my family usually go here on sundays and pay our humble obeisance to Krishan Ji and Radha Rani. After that we get chara or patthe( special grass) for cows along with big, special ladoos made exclusively for cows. Then we eat Kesar Rasmalai and White Rasgulle from the shop that is inside the temple complex. After that we get going to our home by saying goodbyes in our hearts to Krishan Ji and Radha Rani.

Prem Se Bolo Radhey Radhey!



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