15 February 2020 last time I saw Sri Hari in person. Morning 5.20 maybe, Raghu Swamiji was doing morning ritual and he left for a while so I was alone with Sri Hari.

That day was special because it was the last day for me in the ashram after my initiation. My whole journey to the ashram itself was more than a miracle of His grace ,So here I was about to leave in few minutes. As I sat before him folding my legs I could not control my emotions and my heart. love for him just flowing through me. I know each one of us had felt this way while leaving the ashram, for me I got a chance to have a conversation with my beloved alone just before leaving.

I can not thank Sri Hari enough for that day and nor I have many words to talk about it. It just like I found very him. He was looking over this child may be for ages and now here I am sitting in front of him alone I thought. My heart was heavy and with tears flowing continuously I said I don’t want to leave you however, this is your wish oh beloved Sri Hari but I am just going as a body ,my heart and soul will be always here, I am not going to take it with me. As always he was smiling as her name Mandsmith Prabhapur majat bhramand mandala.

I have nothing to offer him more than that I thought and with a smile, I too left.

I could have written about Sri Hari more, however, everything is he and he is everything And who is everything there is nothing left.

I express my humble pranam at the lotus feet of beloved Swamiji and Sri Hari. Wishing you on this special day oh Sri Hari. Lots of ❤️