Sri Hari…

… Mesmerizes in BlackπŸ–€

… Stuns in deep Red❀

… Rocks in Blue πŸ’™

… Breathtaking in PurpleπŸ’œ

… Encapture in Yellow glowπŸ’›

… Soothes in pearly White πŸ’Ÿ

… Ignites in Orange delight🧑

… Shines in natural Green πŸ’š

… Dazzles in Rainbow-y dream 🌈

Colours of many hues…

… Always casts a spell

with His sweet smile!

Fabric of varied colours

but dipped in only one hue

Do you have any clue?

The only Sri Hari’s

Term and condition!Β 

He demands

No more delays

The only hue


That is true!

Royal Silk to

contemporary chiffon

compliment it

with your loving hue!

He accepts without any due

He mingles

In the sentiment

A hearty smile

A bittersweet cry

A teary true plight

A sweet melody delight

these binds us with Divine

Connecting us to

His heart’s strings

These are the numbers to dial!

so what are you

waiting for

Send a loving request

Clear the throat

And hit a loving note

Wipe the wrinkle from your forehead

And stretch your lovely lips

A Beaming Smile!Β 

Or just cry out

the load off

In the sincerity that

your heart speaks

Or just simply utter those words – Jai Sri Hari 😊