You stand so still

With charming warmth

Stealthily percolating your awareness

In this silly being

Feeding me with Divine Love

When will you finally come? 

The illusion so real

The reality so illusory

When will you walk out

Of that sacred stone! 

You greet and meet

You hear and listen

You give and forgive

Everything at your ease

Restless me with this 

Loving divine glimpse

When will you walk out 

Of the sacred stone! 

Empty I sat fore you

Invoked that sweet sense

Of your aliveness within

And around..

Your mischievous smile

That unsaid and un-worded conversation

Dripping with the bhava

Replete with joy and peace

Inspired for your darshan

But felt like in the middle! 

Capable of eternal wait by your grace

till you walk out of that sacred stone

Dismantling the body of 5 elements

Will I merge in your sacred feet! 

You know eternity, this one has awareness of only ‘Now’! 

How did I find you in every atom’s soul

Oh Vishnu,  you are in every anû !

Proximity and yearning felt in one breath! 

Dandvat obeisance

at your Lotus Pink Feet 👣🌷🙏

Narayan Mahadev🌷📿🔱

Wrote this on 4th April; Sri Hari Birthday this month, among other poems for Bhagwaan. 🙂