At the door I was of Hell,

When I heard a conch’s spell,

That traveling on golden wing

A message divine did bring.

It has gently holding my hand

Carried me through sea and land.

As I reached the high mount,

Of that voice’s ultimate fount.

I crossed temple’s threshold,

Neither I could express nor hold

Whatever in my mind dwelled,

With tears of joy my soul swelled

Seeing Thy sonorous smile sweet,

I bowed down my head at Thy feet.

My soul beholds Thy smile every day,

Peace and joy for all Thy wisdom’s ray.

And I remember all are thy names,

Sages call Thee the master of games.*

It’s Thy smile that sustains this universe,

With love’s thread this world so diverse.

I shed sorrowed skin of my past

And cloaking Thy kindness at last.

To our minds Thou remain a mystery,

In Thee who live, only they Thee be.



Games – Leela

In Thee who live – the ones who think of Divine Sri Hari or any form or formless, become the Divine themselves (losing their ego).

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