Her nurturing Vakshasthal

Adorning each season’s bloom 

On Her nurturing Bosom 

Her creation blossoms and blooms 

Orange and yellow marigold 

spreading it’s warmth  

In chilling cold 

Pink lotus by her cheeks  

Cooling summer’s heat 

Those Blooming Hibiscus🌺 

From lovely bud to 

grand blooms 

Strung in with loving hands 

in those sacred strings 

Spring and bloom of every season

thy pink and red roses

With charm and love 

She wears

Saw the cycles play their turn 

With effortless and ease 

Sri Hari  

The principle of the creation 

And It’s sustaining wheel 

Winter made its way with woollen vastram

Spring arrived with the zesty

orchid’s zeal

Summer’s Sun 🌞blosoms

in those Hibiscus blooms 

Showers of gulmohar spells

And jasmine’s breezy notes 

Monsoon making its

Easy breezy presence

on those sacred Breasts

Autumn made their way

in those Garland strings

beaming Dhalia,

complimenting Her Divine grin!

Adorning Devi’s feet

Abundant daisies of the fall

Make their way

near Her Divine Feet 🍂🍃🍁

On Her nurturing Bosom 

Her creation blossoms and blooms

Tomorrow, 4th April 2021; we have discourse by Swami ji at 6:30p.m. IST at https://os.me/live/

So happy for that. Thank you Swami ji 🎂😃🙏💐❤