Gentle as flower

Smooth as Pearl

Shining like the diamond

As He stays in my heart

His soft presence

paws of a new born

His light

I shine

His glory

My proficiency

The sound in the vocals

And silence in the silent

The capacity that understood

The perception that dawned

Sri Hari

The deception thrashed

The mask dissolved

Now what to do

this world

Shallow like a flute

Temptingly like it’s tune

Mesmerising from

this life to another

The play of your tunes – Maya

Now that I released the bond

but you holding me close

In this bodily sacred coil

Release me now

The saviours are here

The saints and sages of the lore! 

This one 

Just a dew Drop

Let me evaporate and

Release the bond

For you know

The desires vanished

So long before

Truth and lie

Two but one! 

Just a spiritual maze! 

Place where no word enters

Dimension where obsolete

thoughts are not known

Those many words

trying to teach

Those interpretation

Wanting to sound sane! 

Nothing but just a maze

Find your presence

Beyond this existence

Existence of psychological maze

It’s make-up and it’s expression

Expression of divine 

Or the other

Two but the same! 


Let’s end this ‘divine’ game

It’s time! 

And you still holding me so close.. 

This one comes with no remorse

No questions to be asked

or answer to be told

You are still holding me so close

Why urge me to seek one last question

when deception and clarity

but maze of the mighty Lord

Don’t you know you are not of the here but of the beyond! 

Glimpse into – My fights with Sri Hari 🙊