Rama an Invincible warrior and Divine

Rama, your name alone is the saviour in this world of chaos
Your very being taught us how to live despite all the flaws

You came in to this world as every other human
But you stood apart from all we insensible humans.

You accepted your step mom’ and father’s words without a second guess
And you willfully and graciously walked through all the mess

Poor mother Sita heartfully walked with you and never questioned your decision
She remained steadfast in her love and devotion

Lakshmana, stood apart as a devoted brother unlike our selfish relationships.
And Urmila on the other hand, remained grounded despite all the hardships.

Raavan, although a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva, did loose his mind and invited troubles
You remained virtuous and never let your pain to define your struggles

Hanuman your ever devoted friend, stood by you against all the odds
Having experienced his unmatchable strength, your enemies were completely awed

Finally victory kissed your feet and Mother Sita returned to you
Yet you regretted killing of a devotee that you could never subdue

Yet again, Mother Sita had to go through another separation from you, without asking why
As a victim of somebody else’s evil eye

Time again, brought you to confront your own offsprings
Mother Sita again proved her sanctity and decided to end her suffering

Rama, your life had been full of agony and disgrace
But you remained true to your words and never let your life’s injustice surface

It is for this reason, Rama you have always been recognised as Maryada Purushottama
And you set an example that every human is capable of becoming Sarvottama.