Before I begin, why did I start this Sadhana? Let me share my childhood and way of living. You can skip first three paragraph if you want and directly you can jump to “How it started”

When I was a child, I was 5 to 6 years old, and my family was very poor. My father used to work as a gumasta worker in one shop. My mom, my dad, and I used to stay in a single room (10 x 15 feet). Each corner is fixed. One side is a bed, one side is a stove (kitchen), and the other two sides have a small space for standing, getting into bed, and having food in front of the stove. In the night, all the coroners become my secret bathrooms. My father doesn’t have much money to study me. I enjoyed childhood life very luxuriously; no studies, no school, no time limit for playing. There was no scarcity of food or taste because the whole day was spent outside, going to temples for prasada and friends’ houses for snacks. My father used to work hard. He was a hotel owner and a cycle shop owner before he got married in a small town. After heavy losses and failures, he came to the big town, but now he works as a labourer in the district town, and his wages are insufficient to support our family. One day, he took a daring step, fought with the owner (my uncle), asked for lumpsom money, invested that money, and started a business.

In a few years’ time, we became very poor to below middle class, and shifted from a single room to a double room, then to a four-room house. I have started going to school and giving support to my father. In my dad’s absence, I have started handling business with workers, days, weeks, and sometimes months.  I have started living my life very lavishly.

Whenever the school wanted to take our section students on an excursion, none of my friends’ parents used to give money. I used to sponsor all my friends. I used to take money from my shop.  By the 10th, I used to do business every day in lakhs and used to score pass marks in exams. At the age of 16, I owned a bike, a 17th-age car, an 18th-age mobile, and at 19, I started my own personal business, which went on for two years. All my friends are still studying, going to the cities, preparing for other countries. Here I am without friends, failing in business, and realising that life is not about money; it is freedom. In 2001, I left my town and my parents and came to Hyderabad than Bangalore to settle into life, to live independently and get a job in the IT field.

How it started ?  Sri Sukatam Sadhana:

Connecting to topic: While I was married, after meeting my wife in 2007, I told her I had a lot of debts, that I had spent my youth lavishly due to my luxuriant habits, and that I had not saved any money. She remained silent and bore with me for the next 15 years of hell..

It is exactly January 2019, Kundalini camp in Bangalore,  and I overheard some devotees discussing how one of their friends did Kundalini Sadhana (the mantra given to her personally by Swami ji) for 6 months, and her chakras are activated and she looks very glowing. I’m doing yoga. It is believed that if Muladhara chakra gets activated, all my financial problems will go away.

In that Kundalini camp, fortunately, I heard about Sandhya ji and got her contact from Srivalli, one of our Swami Ji devotees. I asked Sandhya ji to add me to the Nector group and, eventually, by Meera Maa, to the Divine group.

For 6 months, I did Kundalini on Muladhara. In August, we decided to start a yoga studio. For that, we again took loans, and our debts doubled. I thought doing a prosperity sadhana would help me grow my yoga studio, and I have chosen to start the Sri Suktam Sadhana.

Sadhana for Divine Mother: WhatsApp Group – Lalita Sahasranam Post /Sri Suktam Nitya Karma commence

Sandhya Maa, used to post Gayatri Purushcharana videos and notes, along with Lalita Sahasranama in Nector group. I got inspired by her posts. I thought I should post Lalita Sahasranama every day for the next 1000 days. That will help me track my Sri Sukatam nitya puja for 960 days. My Sadhana Group was started on Janmastami, August 23rd, 2019. The Lalita Sahasranama posting was commenced by Pallavi Kwatra Maa, and she posted the Dhyanam and Nyaasas in my WhatsApp group, cleared all our doubts, and left the group. On the same day, I started my Sri Suktam Nitya Puja as well. I have many doubts and many confusions while posting names and doing Nitya Puja.

Even though I have read the Mantra book many times, I felt it was only for great students, well-educated people, or pure devotees. I couldn’t digest anything. But, my beloved guru, sent his blessings in many divine mother forms: “Meera Maa”, “Sandhya Maa” and “Mansi Maa.” to start my spiritual investment. Meera Maa & Sandhya Maa showered me with their blessings and helped me get into this Spiritual journey smoothly.


Swami Ji clearly stated in the mantra book, as well as in one of his discourses, that in order to do Sri Sukatm Purushcharana, we must first do nitya karma for 960 days.  Please accept my apologies if this statement is wrong and my understanding is wrong. I reasoned that in order to perform Sri Suktam Purushcharan, we should first perform Ganesha Purushcharana, Guru Pursh Charana, Gayatri Purushcharana, and then Sri Suktam Purushcharana.

However, I have completed all the purushcharans already. when I had struggled and felt helpless to understand the book. I prayed to our guru, Om Swami Ji, and decided to do Ganesha Puruscharan for 40 days. OmSwami Ji, in Mansi Maa form, helped me on every step whenever I got struck. Many miracles occurred in my life when my Ganesha PurushCharana was completed. In one of them, I got a glimpse of Tara Maa in a green sari (compassion goddess).

Hurdles in Sadhana:


Believe it or not, we started a new yoga studio in October 2019, and successfully ran it with 100 students in six months. We paid all of the franchising fees to the franchisee. We expected and felt we would be free in a few months, but everything fell back because of Carona. Our studio got closed in March 2020. Once again, We are back with lots of debts: studio investment, already existing credit cards, home loans, personal loans, all our debts have become once again heavy and doubled.


I have completely stopped doing yoga, but Sri Suktam-Nitya Karma continued. I was depressed with regret, not able to refund students’ fees, not able to pay loans, and my mental health deteriorated. When I was rolled off the project, I became very timid and had low self-esteem. Without reason, I felt frightened. I approached Mansi Maa for Sadhanas to take. I did Ganesh Sadhana once again with my son. After overcoming my fear, I returned for 500 hours of YOGA teacher training, but I was unable to regain my confidence to teach students online. But, Swami Ji’s post on these worldly emotions gave me wisdom to leave those feelings. Gradually, I became silent and peaceful, taking nothing seriously.


My health deteriorated (modern, naturo-pathy, accupessure, homeo-pathy, ayurveda), but nothing worked. This year in Feb, when I was initiated by Swami Ji for the second level, I thought I should ask for a solution, but I decided not to waste my guru’s precious time. At the initation time, he said, “He has taken care of my karma.” I will be with you.

Right after I came from the Ashram after initiation Feb 2022, I asked our guru to be with me to help me find a solution to my one-year-old belching problem. I have been waiting for the doctor from early morning to late evening without eating any food. On the other hand, at around 5 pm, hospital staff say the doctor is gone for surgery. They are not sure if he will be back to see patients’ reports, and for the next three days, he will be on vacation.

My Guru/my Savior-came to me and accompanied me – The miracles began

Physical – Healthy

In this mess, I prayed to my guru and asked for his help. He had given me an accompany. I had glanced at my guru. He came along with me to the doctor. But, I am not sure how I came to know that he accompanied me while going to the doctor. The video stored in my mind is crystal clear. He is walking with me to the doctor. The doctor came out of surgery and invited only me to his place and told me the astonishing news. My belching stopped after a few minutes.

I had been working with my past company NTT for 7.6 years even though there were no promotions, enough salary, or growth. But, still, I was happy and enjoying my life, except for the debts. The reason is very simple: because of flexibility (working from home) and spending quality time with family. Every time I tried to change again, my second mind used to say, “Is it really required? Does that money give you health, happiness, peace, and these comforts?” I don’t like travelling. If you travel, you get back pain. If you have a dust allergy, that too will be aggravated. Many reasons used to fall in front of me in this manner, urging me not to leave my current company.

I requested Sadhavi. Maa, on advice, do I need to prefer family, time for spiritual practice,  or debt-free? Maa, crystal clearly stated that being debt-free is the first priority, followed by anything else.

Financial – Healthy

Risk one

In two months, my 960-day Sri Suktam nitya puja is going to be completed. I prayed to our guru and asked for his support to stay with me to take the courageous step of resigning. This is the only way I can change my current company, NTT. Otherwise, my timid mind always tries to convince me to stay.

In two weeks, my 960-day Sri Suktam nitya puja is going to be completed. My notice period is over, with only one day left to draw my resignation, no new job, or no offer letter in hand. I’m crying. I have been living as a timid person for seven years. For the first time, I tried to be courageous, and now I’m failing. I cried and prayed to our guru to help me. My manager is on vacation, and he extended my leave by one day, from Friday to Monday. On Saturday, I got an offer from PWC. I have left the NTT.

Risk two

The offer that I got from PWC includes travel of 30 to 40%, which I don’t like. I was not content with technology and the salary package they were offering. I felt helpless; there was no other extra offer, no job in hand, no money in hand. There’s only one choice to join PWC in a week. I asked our guru,  “Do I have a choice to work on what I love to do?”  I started thinking, is this why I have resigned from my company? Is my purpose of job quitting fulfilled? I felt like a useless sacrifice. decided to take the risk again, rejected the offer, and told them to PWC, I was not able to join.

Financial Relaxation – One

In ten days, my 960-day Sri Suktam nitya puja is going to be completed Since, I have resigned, my past company allowed me to with draw my PF, I have with drawn maximum amount, cleared all my personal loans and credit cards. Now, I have only Home loan which is managable, I felt cool shower under hot son, I felt like 15yrs of jail life is completed, got bail.

Financial Relaxation – Two

This is the last week of completing 960 days. I have been selected for TCS and am waiting for an offer letter, which they may give me before or on Friday, the 960th day. HR went on holiday on Friday, i.e., on the 960th day. I didn’t get an offer from TCS.I realised recently that I got an offer from TCS on the 961st day, i.e., Saturday 30th April, with an expected CTC (60% hike), with expected technologies SAP SAC, and with work from home.

Financial Relaxation – Three

We’ve been watching Radha Krishna for a few years, and somehow (the entire family) became connected and drawn to seeing Dwaraka. I am now without work and have sufficient time and money (at the correct time, my previous NTT released final settlement) to go on a vacation. Our entire family utilised this opportunity and went on a spiritual vocation to Dwaraka, where we got wonderful experience and darshan. We returned on the 9th of May, and I joined TCS on that auspicious day, i.e., the day our Lord Swami Ji had a vision of Lord Krishna (Sri Narayan), i.e., the 11th of May.

Responsibility – Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah : As Swami Ji, reminded us in Sadhan App – Dharma Protects its protector

I’ve been practising yoga for seven years and, on completing my Arhatic Course, have taken Sankalpa. Every month, I contribute 10% of my income to society, when I’m free of credit cards at 15%, when I’m free of home loans and all debts at 20%, and I’ve been doing 7 years at 10%. Since I’m free from credit cards now, I started  15% contribution to society by this May 2022. I posted this message only to inspire others, not to brag.

I wish, after completing Sri Sukatm actual purushcharna with our beloved OmSwami Ji, I could be completely debt free (home loan). I am planning to start a new yoga studio after Sri Suktam Puruscharana with the savings and available funds. I am eagerly waiting for Diwali.

I’m still continuing my nitya karma and praying to our guru and maa for the removal of all hurdles and giving me the opportunity to do Sadhana with Swami Ji.

If you would like to know how my spiritual journey Srinath to Srinath Om started,

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