An implausible milestone!

I had performed only Sri Suktam (4 min) Abhishekam of Ma Lakshmi in Sadhana App in which water, milk, yogurt, red garland, dhoop, handheld bell and handheld lamp were used while anointing Ma with 16 verses of Sri Suktam. According to Dr. T. S. Narayana Swamy, “Sri Sukta is a grand hymn extolling a great deity. It is verily a gift of god to the mortals.” I did it just to give it a try. Surprisingly, I neither felt any spiritual experience nor devotional peace.  It was a ritual that I performed just by tapping the buttons one after the other. I did not feel any special divine feelings for Ma Lakshmi while doing it. But Ma is MA. She is the Universal Mother. She takes care of us like her own children. It did not matter whether we did pooja with devotion or without devotion. 

Later, same day, my employee called me to seek permission to do an important pending work in my prime property. I told him that it was not feasible as I had already tried hard for fifteen years. No success due to expected or unexpected hurdles. He explained his strategy to work on it. I was happy yet a bit tense.  Being knowledgeable about Vastushastra, I knew that the task when completed would be forthbringer of monetary gains. 

After three days, my employee called me to share the good news that the work was done without any hindrance. He had accomplished the task very smoothly. I was elated.  

I felt an immense surge of emotions to express gratitude to Ma. I hurriedly clicked the buttons of my gadget. I entered Golden Palace in Sadhana App and opted for Abhishekam with Lakshmi Sahasranama (35 min). The following virtual ingredients were used water (jal), Gangajal,  milk (doodh), honey (madhu), yogurt (dahi), mango juice (aamra ras), white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, pomegranate juice, sugar, turmeric, kumkum (sindoor), rice (akshata), vermillion, fragrant oil, small pot, gold, red cloth, red garland, sacred thread, betel nuts, paan, flowers, saffron, rice pudding (kheer), sweetmeats (ladoo), cloves, red sandalwood, kusha grass, green grass, dry fruits, incense, bananas, camphor, dhoop, handheld bell, ghee lamp and handheld lamp. It was a divine experience to hear Ma Lakshmi’s sahasranama (1000 names). I was overjoyed to hear my name as one of Ma’s names. I offered all the ingredients with immense love and devotion to Her. With each offering, I thanked Her from the depths of my heart. The more I thanked Her the more I wanted to express my gratitude.

Ma is the epitome of compassion. She is eternally the bestower of happiness, wealth and prosperity.

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Pic : Lakshmi Sahasranama Abhishekam in Sadhana App