S….. for spirituality

S….. for Saint

S….. for……….smile….😊

……… and many more….

Well  to me

S…. .is..for……Surrender 🙇🏼‍♀️


S…. for….Swamiji 🌹

Yesterday everyone got busy in guessing with that sneak peek into Swamiji’s  New Year gift to this world.  In the year 2022, we all will be reaping the benefits of the most awaited and much talked about venture of Swamiji.  Like everyone I have also subscribed to the You Tube Channel – Sadhna, launched yesterday.

Here is the link –

YouTube video

Those who have not, have a look at the teaser shared by Swamiji on the Youtube channel –  Sadhna.

None of us knows the exact details, yet we all know that it is for our growth and upliftment.  Swamiji is always always busy in making us happy. Like a mother does, he puts in so much, so much, hard work to make the best pudding for his children.  He never ever does anything for himself. How fortunate are we all, his flawed children.

‘Have nothing at all with me to offer at his divine feet.  May Almighty never let me forget that 

S….. is for….. Seva

S…….is for…. Sumiran

S…… is for….. Satsang

गुरु देव मेरे स्वामी मुझको ऐसा वर दो

सेवा, सुमिरन, सत्संग, झोली में मेरी भर दो

शबरी की तरह सेवा, और प्रेम हो मीरा सा

वाणी हो  तुलसी सी, और बोल कबीरा सा

है अरज़ यही स्वामी, दाता पूरण कर दो

Jai Shri Hari  🌹ॐ swami 🌹

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