Always drawn to tinkering, as a child, I once got my hands on a big volume illustrating and describing how all the internal parts and systems of a car worked. Fascinated, I got down to devouring it…
STAGE 1: Total ignorance. Though I read the lines and looked at the pictures, none of it made sense. I really don’t know why and for how long I just kept at it. ?????
STAGE 2: The dawn. One day I suddenly realised that I could actually understand everything I was reading. WOW!!
STAGE 3: Proof of understanding. Ability to think, based on learning. There was a troubleshooting chapter where symptoms were listed and the corresponding causes were given. I read the symptoms and tried to work out the causes on my own. Then checked. I was right on all counts. YIPPEE!
STAGE 4: Ability to think forward. e.g If you could pump more air into the engine, it would develop more power in the same cc. Then I learnt there was actually something called turbocharging and supercharging. (A couple of “no reason why not” ideas in my mind did turn up in autos, a few years later). YES!!
STAGE 5: Philosophical. Began to see how every design was a compromise. If you went hi-tech, it would cost and demand workmanship and maintenance. A Ferrari was one type of compromise, a Premier Padmini another. HMMM…
No idea what’s next…… 🙂

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