Standing wounded in the rain

Exasperated, wet, crying

Tears mingling with the rain

Trying to dilute my pain

But all efforts are in vain

Perhaps fire of my envy

Burning my existence

I yearned for your love but

Your indifference infuriated my heart

Hurt and humiliated

It weaved a mirage of love

 Mired in revenge

Boundaries blurred but fusion remained far

Parched heart quenched its thirst

But why the pain persists?

For it knows a woman’s heart contains only love

 Showers love and aspires love

Since eons its ambit  , its limits  , its depth  have been defined

And redefined by love

No other emotion can fulfill its desire and longing

This poem is inspired by Binodini, the  main character of Chokher Bali, a novel written by Rabindranath Tagore. Her story beautifully represents various hues of a woman’s heart, i.e. love, hate, anger, revenge, conspiracy, guilt and sacrifice… Not all white, not all black but a few shades of grey too.

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