The willow tree’s swishing side-to-side,
Reaching out for the tide-marks.
Tonight is a moonless night,
No bright white light should
Interrupt my gloomy plight.

Instead today there are the stars.
And in the distance a blood-red Mars
To anger me further, to haunt
Me, remind me of my self-pity.
Orion seems to like to taunt

Me. Never once do I dream
Of thinking in the grand scheme
The world may not revolve around
Me. I dismiss this theory
Before it comes, as I lay on the ground

It’s clear that the stars were there
As part of a grand design
Does this revolve around me,
Or does it taunt me? I should never know.
After all, my life is black as the starry night.

The stars twinkle even brighter than before.

* * * * *

Any guesses on the meanings of the poem? Here’s a hint: the last line ties everything together, try to focus on that! Please tell me your thoughts!