Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing great. 

After so many days, I finally got to this beautiful place with very beautiful people. I always try to read others’ articles and interact with them before writing my own. But this time I couldn’t stick to my ritual as I don’t want to forget the lines that are coming to my mind. 

So here they are…

If they tell you, ‘YOU ARE WEIRD!’

For you chalk out your own path, undefined by others, STAY WEIRD!

For you wish to break the mold while everyone else is just bowing down to legacy, STAY WEIRD!

For you are too naive in the world married to the sophistication, STAY WEIRD!

For you are alive in the town of people who are all dead inside, STAY WEIRD!

For you love little too much in the generation of check ins and check outs, STAY WEIRD!

For you believe in the wildest of your dreams, in the life wide awake, STAY WEIRD!

For you choose compassion amidst the weak hearts smeared with hatred, STAY WEIRD!

For you make strength your partner, while not forgetting your old friend, named kindness, STAY WEIRD!

For you decide to achieve the impossible, while you are standing far from the possible, STAY WEIRD!

For you don’t just set forth the revolution, but you’re a revolution in yourself, because you are weird, then just STAY WEIRD!