As Bharat and i moved out of Ymca to head for an official meet to the food and beverages head Chef Deshpandey at prestigious Taj hotel at the Gate way of India ,it was a pleasant aswelll embarrassing surprise that Bharat had brought his Motor cycle( Kavasaki Bajaj red colour) for us to commute around the city,”you r too clumsy and slow for locals “,commented he ! So i sat cross legged putting my sling bag between him and me to avoid collision at each pit hole of bombay s crazy traffic and rain water filled Holy( full of holes) roads ! On the way he kept showing me marine drive ,Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal, Kala Ghoda art gallery ,Madhuri dixits Lokhandwaala flat ,Siddhi Vinayak temple ,Haji ali dargaah and Maha laxmi mandir! It was real fun and adventure in a new city on a bike with a good and decent company ,Bharat dint apply brakes often to make me uncomfortable but was very swift in his driving! After we finished our conversation with Chef Deshpandey and took a heavy order of ice cream for upcoming Marriage season ,we headed to Kailash restaurant, which was the only pure veg restaurant at Gate way of India ,i had misal paav and famous Bombay s cutting chai in sheeshe ke glass there with Bharat, we split the bill ,unlike Delhi guys ,i found Bombay guys very practical and non flaunting! After that, Bharat made me sit in a victorian Tonga at gateway of India and then we had a steamer ride@110 rs per person in a steamer, all this seemed so filmy ! No sea ,gate way ,tonga rides and steamers in Delhi and ofcourse not such a transparent man as Bharat ,in 36 hours of Mumbai ,out of which 6 i had slept, i think i lived a whole life with him ,there are some people we live years with and never understand each other and there are those whos presence for few moments too makes us feel as if life time of knowing them!As the dark approached and the moon and stars started shining in arabian sea and a pearl necklace type of lamps twinkling on the beach sides of Mumbai ,there was a little drizzling and sea waves rose ,ehich made me get wet and start a series of sneezing and feeling sick ,Bharat was concerned enough not to leave me unattended in an unknown city but offer me to spend a night at his home , I was in dillema of what to do ,though I knew with his talks that he had a sister and Mom waiting for him at home as he used to call them every 5 hours to tell his home reaching time and dinner plans ,Feeling rather unsafe to stay alone in the Guest house with sicjness,I agreed to Bharat who had by then briefed his mom on my health and taken her permission for me to spend the night at their One room house! What happens in their house,Does Bharat s maa choose me as her son s companion? For more on this keep reading..

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