Breathe, and let go! Almost every mediator starts with the practice of deep breathing and all the sincere meditators experience breath retention at some point of time in their life. This is not the first time I experienced the retention of breath. Countless times, I have experienced the kumbhaka. However, today, as I experienced the kumbhaka, an intuitive understanding, a play of divine, unfolded with his grace alone. I tried capturing the experience in the form of a poem to share with you all.

Stillness – A space between the Breath:

Just a moment ago, there was laughter,
The music was on and kids dancing to the tune;
As lights dimmed and the power was off,
All that appeared lively came to a halt;

The feeling of camaraderie and a tinge of loneliness,
As everything disappears; A bit of disdain and awe;
I took a sigh, a moment of relief, a comma, a pause,
Where did it all go? Who was running the show?

And in that stillness, I saw,
The Divine, moving the breath;
up and down, manifests the illusion of life,
Life is indeed a movement, and movement is life;

The breath paused on its own,
I came face to face with death,
As I inhaled the next breath,
I encountered life yet again;
Mounds of regret, heaps of sin,
Free from all, Thy alone exist;
O’ Lord! Thy alone exist.

All Glories to the Supreme Lord and Swamiji 🙏🙏🙏