It needs energy to move forward. It may seemingly be as small a task like chewing your bite or a larger one like working out in a gym or burning the midnight oil. Activity demands energy. So it’s really important to know how we really use energy and where it gets wasted (or say we abuse it) and in what amount, respectively. What are our sources where we can get it from? Does it come at a cost or is available free of cost (It’s all energy, isn’t it?)? Let’s explore together….What one normally believes is that the physical activity and the mental hardwork consumes almost all the energy one wields (and sexual act being a stereotype, of couse!!) And one engages in the acts likes eating all sorts of thing, consuming a variety of drinks and visiting entertainments but still one finds oneself still craving more for that charm and energy.So now the question is what we really give our energy to and how to recover it. It’s worth noticing that physical and mental work in a direction leads to smoothness instead of exhaustion whereas lethargy and inactivity brings in much more wastage of energy in the form of dullness and boredom. Fears, anger, jealousy, guiltfeeling, feeling of insecurity, unnecessary thinking and other emotional ups and downs are continuously eating up one’s energy throughout the day which leads to a bigger demand of the same. And surprisingly, one rarely pays attention to all this.
The lion’s share of one’s energy is taken up by these hidden evils forces. Once identified, one can stop exercising them and save a big part which would manifest throughout the day one in the form of blissfulness, creativity and love.