I have to thank Om Swami first for building this community. Reading his wisdom and community posts makes me realize one thing. What is it?

That is, everyone has their own wisdom.

Right! No matter where you are, how old, or what your profession is, we all have the wisdom to share.

At the core, we are the same human. We were born from the same mother earth.

A crippling loneliness

However, we tend to otherize people outside ourselves. What is otherize? It’s seeing or treating a person or group of people as intrinsically different from oneself.

If we are mindless, we tend to focus so much on ourselves. We think that other people are different. At the extreme level, we think highly of ourselves and look down on the other.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that we feel lonely and depressed. The Guardian even makes an article that loneliness is a crippling epidemic. With the coronavirus pandemic, loneliness hit people more.

Contribute in community

So, we need to combat this loneliness. We need to stop otherize other people. To do this, we need to be mindful and think about what we truly need.

You can start by connecting with other people. Try to connect more with your family member, partner, neighbor, or work colleagues. Also, you can join the online community.

However, I think it’s quite hard to see a positive community online. That’s why I am so grateful for os.me because it helps us to connect constructively. I am so grateful for the member who shares their wisdom!

Build your mindset

Another important thing is to build yourself from the inside. We can make the world a better place by simply become a better person.

If you see that the people around you are unvirtuous, you don’t need to imitate them.

You have every power to choose your attitude. Yes, you read that right. It’s all start from your thought. I write in here that your thought is affecting your feeling and behavior.

Your thought will build your mindset. A mindset you have can profoundly affect your way of life.

Be inspiring

By choosing your thought, you can choose to do a positive attitude.

For example, if you think positively about your colleague, most likely you will treat them well. On the other hand, if you think negatively of them, you will resent and be harsh to them.

A good mindset can build a virtue. When the people see that you are virtuous, the chances are they are inspired and will do virtuous either.

To sum up, stop otherizing people. When you look deeply, you can see that other people are the same as you.

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