Hi family….most of us are here, trying to escape from the mad rat race of the insane world outside. The “material” world where people are vying each other to get hold of the best of everything possible…be it a car, a job or even a toned up slim trim figure!! And we are here feeling complacent about our spiritual outlook. πŸ˜‰ Well, just taking a step back to analyse if we are doing any better in this “spiritual” world or just extrapolating the material world here….

You don’t have to tell me the answers, keep them to yourself 🀫

Hope you haven’t crammed up your entire schedule with meditation and breath work so that when your spouse is trying to talk to you, you tell them, I am busy, let’s talk later… 😐

Hope the spiritual journey of the next os.me member who talks about their sadhanas or spiritual experiences isn’t making you feel quite worthless about your own journey…😩

Hope you don’t feel worthless for not having mastered Lalita Sahasranama or Vishnu Sahasranama or not even reading the Bhagavad Gita once in your lifetime (Am talking about myself here πŸ˜…)…πŸ™„

Hope you are not wondering why you haven’t been able to write your first post on os.me yet or why you are not getting as many comments on your post as the next os.me member 😜 ( yes, that’s me again… 😁😁)Β 

If yes…chill out buddy…it’s alright… I am there with you..πŸ€—πŸ€—…If no, well, you might just skip this post πŸ€“ as you have already entered into the spiritual world.Β 

For the others who are stuck up in the materially spiritual world like me, let’s try to figure our way out….☺️☺️ Or do we really need to?Β 

Well my dear friend, if you have reached till here, then I have some good news for you…

Wherever you are on your journey…it’s ok!!! After all there is no where to go, no destination to reach. But still we are all embarked on this journey of self realisation…

Know what? Every person has their own unique way of making this journey. Some choose to go by jet plane, some by train πŸšƒ, some by car πŸš—, some by cycle, some by walking, and some by crawling (that’s me again 😁) Some choose to make a stop and smell the flowers and enjoy the sunshine. Some sit and complain about the bumpy road and how sweaty the journey is making them. But it’s ok, wherever you are, whatever be your mode of transport, whatever deviations you take it’s ok. Because someday when your journey ends, you will realise that you were always there!!Β 

And at the end of the journey, you will still be you. Na…you won’t become Buddha or Nanak or Christ. But yes, you will become like them. Compassionate. Aware. And at peace with yourself and existence. That’s all what this journey is about. It’s your journey, so be free to experiment, explore new ways. It’s all about discovering “your” truth, “your” self. It’s all about YOU.Β 

Live. Laugh. Love. Give. 😍😍

PS: Please treat this post as a light hearted musings of a silly grown up child-adult. 🀑 It isn’t meant to offend anyone. ☺️ πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™