What Failed ?? I saw Din Main Taare in front of my eyes . How come this happened ? I asked myself . What to do now ? My father is block educationer officer and his daughter 12th failed ? What people will think about me ? How my father will react ? What about my other friends ? Ohh all are passed with good marks . What should I do now ? Who will help me ? So many thoughts came in my mind after seeing my 12th marksheet . Alas , I got 12th Failed Remark on my Marksheet !

This is true incident I am sharing with you my dear friends ! When I failed in 12th and I think Elephant within me totally sat down on tree . Yes , It was Elephant within me who dont wanted to face reality , who dont wanted to come infront of people , who dont wanted to climb down from tree to show his truth . What we think about Elephant ? Yes He is very powerful and enthusiastic animal . Some times A king of Jungle – Lion also get fear by seeing him . Then how come this brave animal sitting on tree alone ? And that too with very poor , upset emotions ! No doubt something very serious happened with him . By sitting alone and thinking something , showing his back to world … Is he thinking to get suicide ?? and finish all the problems ?

We all have equal qualities of Elephant within us . Dont you think that ? Dont we get so happy when things get according to us , when we appraciated by someone . We will be so happy and we wants to play in mud like Elephant . Atleast I feel like this ☺️ Some times we will show our power to other how we are also in race like Elephant . Atleast I do it πŸ˜‰ Sometimes we roar with full of happiness like an Elephant , may be when India won the match πŸ˜ƒ Sometimes we feel to help others who are in trouble or work so hard like an Elephant . I know all will do this πŸ˜‹ So my dear friends , I think we also have same qualities like Elephant . How I forgot Elephant is for worship also ! πŸ™ Then with all these good qualities animal suddenly went away from everyone πŸ€” Is this his nature ? Of course NOT .

Coming back to my story , my Elephant ( Elephant within me ) totally get nurvous and ran away from everyone . He found place where no one can find him and he will be Alone . I litterally ran away from home without informing to anyone and without thinking where to go and what to do . I was confused . I was distrubed . I was gone . I wad mad . I had money with me . Oh please dont think I stolen from home ! It was my tution fee . With increased heart beats , anyhow I caught S.T. from station and went to my hometown . My aunt is very close to me and she is eldest in my home . So I felt someway she will convince my father and everything will be OK . Really ? God Knows ! I told my story to my aunt . She first got very shocked but after that as usual she handled situation carefully . She called to my father and what she told to him I dont know but next day my father came and started talking with me . Again here my Elephant ( Elephant within me ) was not at all ready to talk anything . He ( Elephant within me ) kept quit . After long time He ( Elephant within me ) felt comfortable and He ( please understant here ) actually started talking . I said SORRY to my father and somehow my father got successed to get Elephant climb down from tree . Sorry dad you took so much efforts to climb down your kid Elephant !

After that , days passed like normal days . No one behaved with me rudly or something like big happened . But I realized my mistake . By saying SORRY am I giving sympothy to myself ? Where my thoughts were going ? Are these Sanskara’s I got from my family , from my Teachers , from my Elders ? What are you doing Amruta ? Is this your path ? These questions I asked myself . I dont know but my Elephant ( Elephant within me ) literally started Crying … Crying … and Crying . So finally He ( Elephant within me ) understood the Reality Aah ! I got very serious about my study and my Elephant ( Elephant within me ) was ready to Run now . I again submitted exam form and I study like never done before . And you wont believe my dear friends , I passed exam with distinction . I took admission for Diploma in Computer and of course my Elephant ( Elephant within me ) was in mood πŸ˜‰ I cracked all records . I was not only Topper in class but also first in Physics . I remembered I got RS. 1000 prize also for this !

So my dear friends , what you learnt from my story ? Try Try But Don’t Cry πŸ™‚ Work Hard . Set your Goal and do Regular Practice . You will be Winner !! Never ever let be Elephant within you sitting on tree .

Take Care
Stay Happy ❀️

P.S. – Is it Sunset or Sunrise that you tell me πŸ™‚πŸ™