There is a mention of King Narakasura  in Kalikapurana. There are some interesting  stories about the birth of the great king. Some puranic contexts say that Naraka was born because of an impure physical contact that happened between Mother earth and Lord Vishnu ,at the time of His varaha abataara.It is said that the mother earth was menstruating when they got into physical intimacy. And thus Narakasura was born and it showed as a proof that he was from non-Aryan tradition because of this impurity. However he was found in skull cup by the king Janaka of Mithila who became his step father.Then he was initiated into vedas.

According to Kalikapurana ,when Naraka became a king he was very powerful and conquered many kingdoms .When he reached at ancient Kamarupa ,which is named as Assam today ,he also got victory over the tribals and their goddess Kamakhya. Kamakhya was already being worshipped by the kirata tribes. But at that time Lord Vishnu ordered Narakasura to continue to worship Mother Goddess in her own cult and own tradition. Thus Narakasura continued to worship Mother in the kirata( non-Aryan) tradition. Naraka aryanaised the ancient Kamarupa by killing many kirata tribals. But respected the kirata tradition by maintaining the decorum of worship the goddess.Story of narakasura 2