First of all dandvat pranaam to swamiji for saving life of me and my family. We just recovered from deadly covid 19 . My life is indebted to you. I hope I will be guided from your divine blessings  For service of this universe. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

Also thanks to meera om ji for his advise and help. 

Let’s start the post. 

If you are feeling boring and wants to pump adrenaline in your blood with pinch of thriller , sprituality and wisdom . ( and also if you know hindi  ) . Then download mxplayer app and see a web series known as TARANATH TANTRIK. 

Taranath was born in in 1860s in bengal and he went to become tantrik in very early age in search of God . He went to village to village ,ashram to ashram in search of guru and found two female adepts expert in vamacharya form of tantra and learnt many sadhanas including shava sadhana . But he met with many accidents and fought with vampires ,rogue tantriks and also ghosts . Fell in love with a devi and tried hard to get siddhi of her in the form of wife . All this stories of his is full of tragic incidents but in the end taranath explains moral and lessons associated with his story and why sadhaks should be very alert and focused on his path. 

He is none other than us .His mistakes are as common as what we still do in the path of sprituality.  

He lost most of his power in his 70 s because of misuse of his power for earning money. 

But his stories are which is still live and teaches us lessons . 

Based on novel by taradas bandhopadhya. 

Thankyou for reading. Go and watch it if time permits .