Hi alll!!!

Wishing you a very happy and a warm Bhai Dooj and very warm Diwali.🤩

After a long time I am here again to share an real incident which related to always walk in the straight path which is equal to walk in straight line in our life.

Here’s the beautiful story :‐


A few days back me and my bua was going to the market which was near to my house. We went their to buy some things for diwali. When I was coming back to my house it was traffic there So, I went from the dirty area. When I went back to the bua on the road my lovely bua said me that if you will walk on the straight path you will be following straight line in the path of life.

Takeaway :‐

So, I got know that we should always walk in a straight path so that we can always follow the straight path in our life also.

                        Jai Sri Hari🙏🙏

Keep Smiling