Blog- stress management
Life is not  uni dimensional but multidimensional . The quality of one’s life depends on how an individual infused quality in all aspects of life.
Managing stress is an important aspect of life . Stress cannot be eliminated  but has to be managed .It is to be managed in such a fashion that we become the masters of stress and not its victim.We have to manage stress so that we are restful in all walks of lives .
One of the best way to deal with stress is to apply the ABCD technique
Introspect on these
Discover by being a wise gardener; removing the weeds, watering the plants and making the soil of your mind fertile with the help of ABCD technique.
Practice ‘Encouraging ‘ technique.Encourage yourself and world around you in every moment of life.
The best formula to manage the stress is
“ accept the situation rather than changing the situation according to your choice  and resign to fate “


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