Like every day, I booted up the Black Lotus app, started the recommended meditation in the sweet voice of Vidit Ji. I looked inside my head. Well, it was dark, then I realised it was because my eyes were closed. So I willed light to appear and there was light in my head! Vidit Ji called me back through the speakers of the phone! Ommmmm. I am back, yes breath in…breath out..the sweet fragrance of pastries was coming. I believed that just like I created light, the fragrance was my creation. I suddenly felt like ‘Alice au pays des Merveilles’ tumbling down a black tunnel. Ouch! That was a long fall, well as long as my breath went. And oumf, ouch with the breath out. 

Vidit Ji was insistent on coming back to meditation. I came back, quite happy to escape my imaginary fall. Suddenly I felt a SHADOW cross in my mind. MORDOR! Oh, dear! Swami Ji, protect me! Breath in… breath out! Oh yeah, Take my ring Mordor! All of sudden light, beautiful light, warmth envelops me. Is that you Gandalf? Or is it Edward Cullen? Damn, he could replace my white tube light. 

Vidit Ji is more insistent. Concentrate! Breath in, Breath out..DIEEEEEEEEE! Oh god, not Percy Jackson again!! Swami Ji, please make me concentrate! ‘Swami, aapne bhojan grahan kiya?’ Old serials start playing in my head. 

Well, who said meditation was easy?

🥰Hari Om🥰