The main thrust to write this post is to mention a vital revolution in my life. English is a subject for which I had no affection. In my class, my reputation was at the summit for scoring excellent marks in almost all subjects, except English.

This was a subject in which I would study the notebook only and not open the text book as looking at the hi-fi words would make my head spin and I would be in chaos as I could not understand the meanings.

So the marks in this subject were not only not worth looking at, but also humiliating, which urged me to conceal it from my classmates. Whenever it was time to study English, I would just get easily distracted and loiter around. After mom’s persistent forcing, I would reluctantly sit to study.

The words of English were so tough that it made me believe that it was an awful and hostile subject and it was pointless studying it. On the day of an English paper, I would considerably be traumatised. I found it so tough that I felt like deporting it from the curriculum.

Now, when on one side there were English school notes to be studied; on the other side there was an English hassle at home. As my family was speaking English and only English to improve everyone’s English, because mamma had started writing on So, she felt that she had to enhance her writing skills and so she had commenced English speaking at home. Facing this language from all sides, I felt dizzy hearing it. I negotiated with them not to speak it habitually, but mamma had strong plans.     

English had annexed our house and I was amid this haunted English house. I was in extreme turmoil. And to make matters worse my brother (famous for his poems) started constantly composing more English poems. I wanted an English repellent cream to stay away from this subject.

Mamma was tensed upon seeing my dislike for the subject. She handed me her three stout self-made books on vocabulary and recommended me to learn new words and understand old ones. I commenced with the work and devoted one hour to it daily. The books illuminated and enlightened me on vocabulary. As studying those words I forgot that they were of my most hated subject, because for each word she had picked good examples to explain.

Subject to be feared 1

As I ingested so many words from the books, I started liking the consistent English environment created by my mother.

I know I am still not good with my English but if I hadn’t integrated these three things in my life: the English environment, reading books, and one hour of vocabulary study, there wouldn’t be any change that I would have noticed. And now I cannot deprive myself from reading the most disliked English textbook so inquisitively.

As we were all talking, drinking, eating only English and everything was  brimming with this language, to improve my mother’s and my English; when the teacher cautioned us that exams will be offline, I was quite confident. And there was no cloudburst of worries.

I would like to convey my gratitude towards and my mother. indirectly had dismantled my criticism for English. It has made our house vibrant with English hues.

And so I feel that one can learn any impossible thing if we have a good method or technique to learn and one can change in any of their worst fields, to be as great as how they wish to be in any of their fantasies or dreams.




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