It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure. Bill Gates.





We have learned since childhood,  

·         a toffee for good behavior.

·         A kiss for being friendly,

·         a treat for performing well in class.

Is it a treatment for success and art of appreciation, or is it the way people teach their kids to bribe?

·         It doesn’t end over here,

·         Stand outside if you mistreated an aunty at a party.

·         You made us look like a fool if you didn’t get good marks.

·         You are not worth taking to a party or a social gathering cause you are ill-mannered.

Are these the parents’ excuses to our kids if they don’t listen to us? I can’t say much about all, but I have personally faced a few and have seen people treat their kids like they are criminals if they do something their parents disapprove of.

Life is not always about appreciating and celebrating success, but it is also to ponder the reason for the failure. When was the last time you sat with your kid and tried to understand why they reacted in a certain way or why they were not able to perform in studies? Why are they afraid of public speaking or public appearing.

I just went through the news that a family booked a whole toy train car from Kalka to Shimla to celebrate a kid’s success in the family. (brilliant idea) but how many of us have even skipped a meal or not allowed our kid to have a meal for a failure?

Success and failure are part of life; it is not always that one will win; we need to learn from sportspeople who know that you can’t win consistently. That is why it is said that we should always encourage our kids to play, learn a musical instrument as these things make them understand life. They know that participation is what matters; winning or losing is always based on the number of hours we have spent preparing for something.

Food for thought.


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