The more people I meet, or even when I meet the same people again and again, the more amazed I am to see how varied they are. They are various colours and hues.

That ultra-beautiful, lovely girl with maybe 20000 FB followers, loves to party, mostly misunderstood, slightly depressed because of what life has thrown at her, but totally honest. I see her as deep maroon. I see the spark, the love, the strength in her being.

That cool corporate head, so disciplined, seems humble at times, loves his space, faces the challenges life throws at him with patience and resilience. Yes, slightly proud. I see him as that earthy brown.

That awesome dad, he works from home, accepts everything with a smile, life is good to him. Extra disciplined (but as I have discovered, there is no such thing as excessive discipline), achieves everything quite easily but doesn’t really want to achieve anything. I see him as this lovely green.

That good looking former CEO, troubled somewhat but super-intelligent. Has tonnes of ego but is an excellent friend. Has seen the worst of life but hasn’t let it touch him. He is wonderfully blue.

That superstar athlete, she is an inspiration to many, helps everyone, but affected by just that tinge of neediness. That need to be admired, those extra jumpy eyes, that whiff of depression… I don’t really see a colour, but because of that hard core discipline, maybe a dark grey?

That wonderful beautiful teacher, she has been there done that, now only wants Krishna, wants everyone to love  him so deeply and as dearly… But just that little extra ego thats need to be fixed. Perhaps, it’s my shortcoming that I see it. Anyone who loves the lord I can’t dare see negative. Let’s call her a deep red (wow)!

Oh that fearless teenager, so intelligent, so cool, totally mature… Hmm… I hope she stays that way, life hasn’t really thrown much at her, but that shine, that promise… The deep purple shines through.

Yet another teacher, wants to do the right thing, struggles to do it, needs to be accepted, can bite your head off if wronged even by mistake, a true example of how one can change or at least try earnestly. Is she yellow?

I remember when I read Ramesh Menon’s interpretation of the Bhagavatam, I was amazed to read that there are 4000 levels of human consciousness. When they say their wavelength didn’t match (I wish I had read this when my mom was forcing matches on me), it’s actually a real thing.

I have understood that instead of just seeing see how people behave, if you hear what they speak, and observe from distance, you can catch that wavelength! They are all the same, they are all white or the absence of it all — black!

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