Why me?”

A crazy evening when my mind got filled with negative thoughts and started questioning all things that have ever happened, imagining worse.(my parents had a huge fight and a little things here and there.)

O son of Kunti, the contacts between the senses
and their objects, which give rise to the feelings of
heat and cold, pleasure and pain etc., are transitory
and fleeting; therefore, Arjuna, endure them.(ch2-14)

I’ve always been sensitive to things…I always need a good positive environment around me to do well. Even the slightest thing affects everything about my life.

Depression,social anxiety I’ve faced them all. I’m very empathetic and often cry because someone’s child is missing in some other state or someone died.(Talking about news)

Many of us waste time thinking how people and circumstances could have been so much better, justifying our own poor conduct.

But having this material body I can’t expect to live a life without suffering. I can’t control what happens in the country, I can’t control how my dad talks to my mom, I can’t control what someone thinks of me. 

Expecting the world to be all good or the way I think is right (the latter slightly more accurate) is absolutely unreasonable and selfish. Desiring the same would only bring me more pain.(indeed! it rhymes too)

There are people who have it worse than me…but even God(both Devi and Devtas) had to face situations let alone humans.

Even Mahadev had to drink halaahal, Shri Ram and Mata Sita were exiled, Death was waiting for Krishna even before he was born… he’s entire life had problems no one in the history had.

“There are no problems in life, there are only situations. What you cannot handle you call it a problem.”- Sadguru

Shri Krishna also advices Arjun to endure suffering and be patient as they come and go like seasons.

We never heard Shri Krishna going to an astrologer to ask if he had Kalsarp or some Shani problem. We didn’t heard Devi ranting on why she has to fight the most terrible demons. We didn’t heard Shiva asking “WHY ME?” before he drank the poison. All we heard was how gracefully they faced it.

All great words aside! We all are humans that are still growing and learning. We do get hurt and it does affect our behavior,productivity etc.

Acceptance is the way!(a 1000 kg word – Indian way of saying it’s a very strong word!) It’s easier said than done. But without this nothing will ever get better. Sometimes the solutions are so simple that it looks strange.

Accepting the circumstances do make things impact less with time(I repeat With TIME). Accepting that we cannot change people, we cannot change their behavior. All we can do is do our part,our duty to our best. 

Our mind does expect an answer that is unique and simple…. But this is the only way! It gives pain and takes time to master this. But once the sacred water of acceptance starts flowing in the heart all turbulence will cease.



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