Rahu and its Personality

Rahu is the north lunar node. It comprises a head without a torso and has a desire for material things and worldly accomplishments. It has a tendency to keep on devouring things and is never satisfied. It. Rahu seeks to achieve the highest success possible irrespective of which house and sign he represents. 

Rahu represents the goals we are supposed to achieve whether we like them or not. Rahu causes eclipses of the Sun and Moon when it is in conjunction with them. When the Sun and Rahu are in conjunction in a birth horoscope, it brings temporary darkness to a person’s life. Rahu is also known to cause fear and stressful situations. This is because of Rahu’s adventurous nature and love of surprises. Rahu triggers sudden events in our lives. Such events may create a web of illusion around us. Rahu breaks taboos and does not respect boundaries. It wants to flout tradition, be unique and radical. He also triggers spiritual breakthroughs because it is after we achieve material wealth that we turn to God.

Relationship between Sun and Rahu

The Sun and Rahu are foes. They despise each other and have opposing natures. The Sun is like a king and the other is like a thief. But when they are compelled to occupy the same house (Sun-Rahu conjunction), Rahu will use its chameleon-like nature to torment the Sun. Rahu will turn himself into the Sun. This creates a double ego. The native may, on the one hand, have great confidence and wish to be seen as a genius and leader. But, on the other hand, Rahu tries to inveigle his way into power through deception and masking of the truth. Such people may appear honest and sincere, but it may be deceptive. This is because Rahu will eclipse the Sun’s positive behavior when he turns himself into the Sun. This phase will last until the native becomes 35 years old (minimum). After this age, Rahu will remove his eclipse, letting the real Sun shine.

In vedic astrology, the Sun represents the father and father figures. Hence, during the Sun-Rahu conjunction, the relationship between the native and their father and his teachings will be interrupted. Simply put, Rahu means unusual circumstances. This may be expressed as an estranged relationship with the father. Thus, the father may live far away or abroad. Or the relationship is not good. Due to a false sense of ego, the native will suffer in their professional and personal lives. 

The good thing about this Sun and Rahu conjunction is that it is favorable for people who are in politics, the performing arts, or business. 

When the Sun is exalted in Aries or Leo, his own sign, with Rahu, the Sun can handle himself better. In these cases, the Sun will be able to curb Rahu’s attempts to deceive or cheat, and the person may also have a better relationship with their father. If a planet is strongly placed in a sign, Rahu tends to amplify the planet’s qualities instead of eclipsing them. 

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Effects Of Sun and Rahu Conjunction

1) Sun and Rahu conjunction is not good as they are natural enemies. This is called Grahan Yoga. It reduces the Sun’s significance and causes Pitru dosh.

2) The native may have a false ego and a short temper.

3) The native may have a crooked and wicked nature. They may be interested in politics. They may be a cheat and a fraud.

4)The native will be separated from their father or have a bad relationship with him. His father may have poor health, and his life may be difficult with lots of struggles.

5) The native may have problems in childbirth and may suffer miscarriages. There may be delays in having children or they may have children by Caesarean. Their children may have health problems.

6) The native’s grandfather may be a famous person. But the native’s father may be unable to enjoy his wealth.

7) The native may be selfish. He may have low self-confidence, but it will not be evident.

8) The native may have problems with their boss or the government. They may have problems regarding promotion. They may get a notice regarding tax matters from the government.

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