Once a family came to visit the ‘sage of kanchi’ in kancheepuram. He was a well to do businessman. After prostrating at the feet of the Swami, he said, “What is the use of wealth, name and fame if one is not keeping good health?  I have no time to say mantras or do sadhana or yagna. What should one do to have healthy long life?”.

The sage replied, ” It’s possible, Everyday  repeat this mantra 12 times – “OM NAMO BHAGAVATE SURYA NARAYANAYA NAMAHA” , after repeating each time, face east and prostrate at the sun 12 times, that’s enough”.

I read this last week in facebook, mahaperiyava forum. After reading Swamiji’s saturday article on maintaining good health along with sadhana, thought of sharing this snippet which might be helpful for os.meians to add this up in their fitness regime. It adds physical fitness and if the mantra is chanted with faith and love towards the sun – the sustenance of physical life in the solar system, I am sure we may all live a healthy long life.

So, cheers to good health and a long life!


Photo courtesy: pexels