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I am ever grateful for every breath of life I have taken on this beautiful beautiful planet. With such amazing creations and creatures of mother nature. In 2020 we all realized how mother nature nurtured the earth in the wake of a global pandemic. Many addressed it as nature’s time of healing and rejuvenating. It indeed was. The tsunami was one such event when the ever growing man made concrete was left to debris. The beautiful island and the coastal areas were washed, when the water receded there was no sight of human footprint (man made creations). Only the nature in it’s form of the great great power, the one who nurtures as well as destroys when the time comes.

Whenever I think of that day and many other experiences of mine and others, my self is reduced to zero. I can actually sense that I am nothing, a nobody in this vast universe. In a matter of seconds my whole existence will disappear if the nature wishes so. If I am alive, have a full stomach, have family, friends, resources etc. I am privileged. If only I could, in the real sense, realize that this much is enough. I would not be miserable ever, I would not want or seek. I would accept and I would smile everyday – every moment.

I remember I told myself once that I want to lead such a life one day that my own life wouldn’t be recognizable to my current self. Honestly, I am living such a life. With zero pride, I want to just remind myself that I have come this far and just 5 years ago I could not have imagined myself where I am today. This all takes me back to the 10 year old kid standing on that ramp who could not see a minute in the future. There was nothing to hold on to, to believe on, no certain truth that held true in that moment. What would be life in the next second couldn’t be predicted. In that moment if a prayer was heard and here I am today with God’s grace, my own grit and family’s blessings; then I am most certain that life is fair and God is gracious. If not for the pain that we endure and for the losses we bear, we wouldn’t appreciate the next second of breath and blessing.

I am not at all capable to speak of the pain, separation and loss of another human being and please forgive me for my bold remarks if any. 

I want to remind myself yet again, that tomorrow will be brighter, I will make it shine a 1000 times more than today. I alone can and will break free from the chains holding me back. Whenever I am uncertain I want to tell myself that there is a beautiful moment right after this. There truly is if we believe. It seems true only in the hindsight and so be it. As long as I am able to get up, smile broadly and be free in mind and heart; I am living beautifully ❤️


Thank you if you read this and I would absolutely love to read/hear if you have something to say. I find this platform another blessing in disguise and anybody who reads my posts – I want to thank from my heart. Leave a smile here :


I fold my hands and bow my head in humbleness for this beautiful life that I am living. I am sharing my thoughts about the 2004 tsunami that originated in the Indian Ocean on Sunday, Dec 26 in 2004. Sharing positive thoughts and empathy for the survivors, fighters and everybody affected by the calamity. If I write something that brings anybody the slightest pain please forgive me and let me know.

I really salute and applaud the Indian Air Force, all the task forces, the NGO’s, Government at the time and each and every individual, community, organization that helped us at every step with promptness and empathy.

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