My dad Kishore V Sonpal, was just short of 82, when he breathed his last on June 12, 2020, 01:24am. He built the habit of maintaining a diary right from his late twenties, when he took up his first job with Indian Railways, way back in 1964. His writings have stood the test of time. They are as relevant today, as they were, when he penned them down. I am sharing third of these diary entries. Just like me, hope you will also find subtle meaning in his writings.

Here is the Seventeenth share:

Sunday musings with dad 2


Transcript of the Image:

Question: The people I am working with are bad and hence I am suffering.

Papa (Swami Ramdas): No one is intrinsically bad. Man is either misguided or unlucky. This is true of all the people in the world who have faced adversity in one form or other. It is also true that we suffer because of our past karma. Under the circumstances, it is better that we calmly face the difficult situations that come into our life, relying on God for the future and blaming no one else.

Man suffers because he is not true to his own self. To deceive anybody is to deceive ourself. It if by this that he brings upon himself a crop of failure and misery.This is very often forgotten by people. As we sow, so we reap. This is a truth that we have to always bear in mind.


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