My dad Kishore V Sonpal, was just short of 82, when he breathed his last on June 12, 2020, 01:24am. He built the habit of maintaining a diary right from his late twenties, when he took up his first job with Indian Railways, way back in 1964. His writings have stood the test of time. They are as relevant today, as they were, when he penned them down. I am sharing third of these diary entries. Just like me, hope you will also find subtle meaning in his writings.

Here is the Eigth share. 

Sunday musings with dad 2


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Chance Yourself

If you hate your present job and long to do something else, then quit your job today.” That is the advice I used to give before I gained experience in vocational counselling.

Then I discovered that some do not like their second job any better than the first one. The same is then true for their third job and so on. The root cause of the problem was not just that they did not like the work, they just did not like working. Before you change your job, make sure you know what you don’t like.

Marriage counsellors say “The reason why marriage is not a success for some people is that they cannot make a success of anything else either.”

So, whether it is your job, hobby, marriage or something else that is not going well, first thing that you need to do is change yourself.


Of course, there would be counter views on this. But the fact IS, that there are MANY people, who are a victim of this problem. They do not know themselves, but they think they know others around them and find it easy to blame others for their misery or unhappiness.

Its not easy to see within oneself. Its not easy to explore your own mind. Otherwise people would not be spending years meditating in the mountains to gain inner peace.

Hope this note helps some of us find our true purpose in life. Or at least start the process of discovery of the same.


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