What happens when SOMEONE out of pure unconditional love touches your life? What can be possibly said about the way HE lifts the fallen and transforms their lives? Is that due to some good done in some life of which one has no account? Or is it simply HIS GRACE with which HE keeps touching infinite lives moment to moment. Who knows? HE knows!

And thus, HE graces us with HIS smile full of Divinity, His words dipped in pure simple knowledge, His presence which dispels the darkness of ignorance, His kindness which knows no bounds. When His Grace happens one doesn’t know what to do. When THAT happens one just is “in THAT moment”. The heart exudes limitless joy and the throbbing is so loud one can feel profundity of life that breathes IN. You are frozen yet melted too, “in THAT moment”. You wish to scream and stay silent too “in THAT moment”. What is there to be said? What is there to be heard? Words fail you, the tongue falters. HIS Grace has to be felt. HIS Grace which is “in THAT moment” is timeless, eternal, everlasting. Like a magnanimous fountain IT is forever flowing. We have to be available to it. But, do we really make ourselves available or HE chooses to make us available? Who knows? HE knows!

Everything is moving yet everything is still. There is just a pulsating heart that is singing about HIS GRACE. Life seems to flow and yet paused “in THAT moment” when one is SUNKISSED by HIS GRACE

Listen to a heart that got touched by HIS GRACE here