I’m a robotic superhuman

Can’t loosen up, work for my human

Got no thoughts, not a man or woman

Mix it up, the mustard and the cumin

Add the saffron and nothin’ good’s comin’

Get reprogrammed, loose motions

Now my job’s to clean the ocean

Do it yourself, now I hate you with a passion

Just ’cause you were late to take action

Spit out the plastic, the water’s gushin’

No off days, no relaxin’ on a cushion

And now my job’s to pay the tuition

Nobody wants to do that, so I’m the best option

Nobody’s got to tell me to keep goin’

‘Cause I’m always hurryin’, always rushin’

And now I’m bored with the Hurrian Hymn

But I can’t even start singin’

So I got time to keep thinkin’

Nobody asks me

What my epitaph’s gonna be

‘Cause I don’t got feelings, who’s gonna reprogram me?

Nobody, that’s who want to see

Or hear me talking

‘Cause I’m an RS

Robotic Superhuman

Got no time for chit-chattin’

I got no damn feelings