A supermoon happens when a full moon is closest to Earth. This makes the moon appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual. This phenomenon is unique and I was privileged to meditate under the world’s largest pyramid meant purely for meditation purposes.
As we are 70% water so is the earth. Tides are felt in the sea due to the gravitational pull between the sun, moon and earth.
During a full moon sun moon and earth are aligned which causes great movement in the sea. Imagine the effect on our body as we are also 70 % water. If we are at a happy high we will be able to amplify this effect during a full moon.
A full Moon provides an illumination which goes beyond the physical level and touches our energy field and subconscious mind; it can elevate us to the highest level of bliss and enlightenment.
It is said that on a Full Moon or Super Moon night, all the energy of the zodiac system is passed on to the earth, that’s the reason people born on this night have a strong birth chart or Kundli.
It is advisable and recommended to meditate on super moon night as it filters all the negative energy and passes on the most pious and clean energy to our human chakra system.
In the Indian calendar system, days are counted by the lunar cycle. So it is advisable to practice meditation on a full moon day. Days like the 4th, 9th and 14th of the lunar calendar are best to be avoided.

Why Pyramid Meditation?

Pyramids as a structure have been present on our planet for thousands of years,
Ancient Egyptians used pyramids as a sort of communication tool to interact with extra-terrestrial beings, they were used as a final resting place for nobility,
Pyramids are designed in such a way that they incline towards earth’s magnetic field, hence becoming a powerhouse of energy, they are perfect receivers and transmitters of cosmic energy, some of the benefits of Pyramid Meditation are:

  1. Healing and Aligning of the chakra system.
  2. Removes Negative Energy.
  3. Cleanses the Aura.
  4. Balances Hormones Level and improves confidence.

My Experience at Pyramid Valley, Bangalore

I visited Pyramid valley, Bangalore on the 2nd of Jan, 2018.
The place is about 40kms drive from Bangalore City,
It’s a beautiful green peaceful serene hermitage, the pyramid structure is truly imposing and can be viewed from a distance, and everything about the place is sort of pure, even the food served there is organic and grown in-house.

I entered the pyramid at about 18:43, once inside I was awestruck at once. The Place oozes energy and vibes can be felt as soon as you enter the pyramid,
The Moon’s Rays Create a spectrum of energy and one feels an instant increase in heartbeat,
I also felt slight palpitations for a short duration, Also the high level of energy triggers higher activity in human cells, u can feel high energy at the physical level,
The silence and aura of the place aid in purifying and healing our aura and chakra system, If you perform deep breathing meditation inside the pyramid u can instantly feel the negativity and dark energy flowing out from you, the body auto heals and glows, and instant feeling of gratitude and unhindered joy engulfs you. A word of caution though, one must not spend more than 30-40 minutes there, sometimes a high level of energy can not be sustained by our body.

Moon signifies our mood, emotions and the way we think. Meditating on the Moon helps in clearing our minds, balancing our emotions and bringing a sense of calm and joy into our life.

Moon as per Astrology: Moon is Mother, Moon is Blood and Moon is Mind

Moon or Chandra represents the mother, mind, blood, and water. He rules the northwest direction, has a Vayu constitution, wears white clothes, and regulates blood flow in the body. Monday is the day of the Moon and white is its colour. The phases of the Moon affect the tides of the ocean. Humans are also seventy per cent water, the same as the Earth. Hence, the phases of the Moon will affect us too. The best way to deal with the Moon is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least 2.5 litres of water every day.

Moon directly affects the blood. Therefore, keeping a check on any hormonal issues helps in balancing one’s Moon. Make sure that an endocrinologist reviews your blood report.

Sage Patanjali states that there are impurities that get stuck on our Chitta. If we remove them layer by layer, then, in no time we can get liberated. Any childhood traumas and emotional waves must be eradicated immediately as soon as they happen, or else they get ingrained in the mind and later manifest as diseases or losses. Deep attachments, emotional trauma, mental stress, fears, insecurities, sexual harassment, etc., are some forms of impurities which pull a human down. It is because of these impurities that we cannot shed our baggage. The more the weight, the lower we lean. Clearing these impurities of the mind is the journey of a soul. These are all weights which just pull us down. We must strive to be featherlight. The Moon represents the mind and is one of the most difficult planetary bodies to tackle.

The childhood years, 0-7, are the formative years of a child. During this period, a child can be moulded the way we like. By doing so we can give him a glorious future. A person whose Moon is placed on the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house at birth, such a person is born with a traumatic past life. Meditation is their best remedy.

For this very reason, Bhakti Yog is said to be one of the best ways to treat the mind. It removes the impurities and fills that space with the energy of your Iṣṭa.

A few other ways to improve the Moon are by writing blogs, and diaries, wearing pearls, poring milk on a Śiva lingam, talking to friends or therapists, burning your traumas by writing them on a piece of paper, and staying hydrated.

The most superior way to improve the Moon in the birth chart is by doing Śiva Sādhanā. I use the Sadhana App, curated by Swamiji for my sadhanas.

Hari Om Tat Sat