In daily life, We are propelled by our samskaras(tendencies) and that too in an unconscious manner. And there are many ways to clean the slate and rewrite on it. I am no expert on that so I will share what I have personally experienced.

Someone once said to me, Ishwar pe nirbharta ka abhyaas karo. It means Practice dependency on God. This is a very simple line but is having essence of Surrender. It seems impossible to learn this without help. It needs some ground level training until one is ready to fly. Then Guru takes you onboard keeping the string in his hands and He watches you fly high in the sky. One must not be intoxicated with  joy, so He knows when to bring you down. Its a gradual process and takes time. He does everything staying in background. All we need to do is to have a willing heart, Patience and  Honesty. OUR FAITH IN GURU  BECOMES UNFLINCHING WITH TIME.

Dedicated to the Guru in You.

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Sumit Saurav


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