I bow at my master,my prabhuji divine lotus feet.

Mind will take you to negativity,to questions,it will disturb you.Distance you from the source,your faith.

Hold it…don’t let it play tricks with you,that’s surrender.Faith has to be pure,where questions are not 

asked even to yourself.

Why I left My job of thirty two years,Thai airways they did not tell me to leave.Why I joined a corporate.

which is not my world,it was like a ocean of gismozs,I was lost,scared,gave my best for one month and put my papers.I told them I will not do justice to the company,my forte was different.Today I am jobless,I need a job to make ends meet.I am doing my bit of applying but no luck.

This situation can lead you to multiple outbursts,regrets.But when you have a burning faith in the divine in your master,I am doing great.My master knows cause he knows what’s best for me and the best will happen.I know.

A master with his grace can do anything,anything at all which we don’t know.

So surrender and as my master says let go.The best will unfold.


At my prabhuji feet.Kavita om




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