The virtual event that happened in the month of November was like a soothing balm for all of us for sure in the midst of hustle and bustle of our lives. Lucky we were to hear the beautiful versus of Srimad Bhagavad Gita from the divine Himself. I take this opportunity to thank our beloved Swamiji for the beautiful exposition. Immense and undying gratitude my Bhagwan. THANK YOU. And also, the questions answered were the deep queries tucked away somewhere in our hearts. We ignorant beings know nothing. Thank you Swamiji for giving us the wisdom and taking out YOUR precious time for us.

On one such discourse, Swamiji explained the role of disciple. “The sacred bond that happens only once between a Guru and a Disciple”, HE said. And gave the three diamond rules of surrender to one’s Guru.

             1) Take your time

            2) Shed all your beliefs

            3) Shed your ego

The divine words that fell on my ears were like amrit and made me think where do I stand for my Guru.

The next day while reading the book “Living with the Himalayan Masters” by Swami Rama, I came across a story in which he talks about the faith in his guru and Sankalpa Shakti (the power of determination). The story narrated in words by Swami Rama goes as…

Many students came to my master and requested, “Please accept me as your disciple.” They all showed their faithfulness by serving him and by practicing disciplines. He did not respond. One day he called everyone to him. He said, “Let’s go.” Everyone followed him to the bank of the Tungbhadra River in South India. It was in full flood, very wide and dangerous. He said, “He who can cross this river is my disciple.”

One student said, “Sir, you know I can do it, but I have to go back and finish my work.” Another student said, “Sir, I don’t know how to swim.” I didn’t say anything. As soon as he said it, I jumped. He sat down quietly as I crossed the river. It was very wide. There were many crocodiles, and huge logs were rolling with the currents of water, but I was not concerned. I thought, “He wants his disciples to cross the river. Here I am. I can do it. It’s nothing, because he is here. Why can’t I do it?” So firm were my faith and determination. I succeeded in crossing the river.

And as Swamiji says “There is NO room for why in Guru-Disciple relationship.”

We seek YOUR blessings, YOUR guidance O Holy One ,

YOUR grace for the eternal journey to truth.

Jai Shri Hari!

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